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  1. I just bought a new Gateway and it has a built in turner. I can record movies from HBO, Cinemax, Sho etc to my hard drive. Can AnyDVD remove the incryption from these? so i can burn them to a dvd. I thought i would ask before i got into it further. If so is there anything special i need to do.

  2. Kallasways

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    Don't think you gonna need anydvd cause those files are not encrypted. if anything you will need to convert to dvd spec then burn.
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    A lot depends on where you will cap the feed from those channels. I am not aware if the signal is decrypted by a module within a receiver in USA. If it were to be me then I would plug the output from the receiver into the device that would record to your HDD. This way there will be no protection and, therefore, no need for AnyDVD. In any case, AnyDVD does not decrypt DVB encryptions :)