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Jan 29, 2007
I have a TV card in my pc and use Media Center to record movies directly to my pc. I want to use clone dvd to split the long movies into two dvd's. Is there a way to copy movies from pc to dvd using Clone DVD?
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You left a message about double posting, but as far as I know I did not double post. I am new and perhaps it happened by accident. Don't know. Where did you see other post?
I also have a Media Center PC and record TV to the hard drive.
You cannot create a DVD from the recorded files using CloneDVD2, as it does not recognize the output files of the Media Center, which I believe are DVR-MS files.
This is one of the hugh failings of the Media Center PC in my opinion. You should not have to purchase third party software to burn a DVD of video recorded from the TV on Media Center

OK, off my soapbox now
Copying movie to DVD from HD

I'm no expert at this but have been using 1Click DVD and AnyDVD to backup DVD copies of OEM DVDs I already own.

I have also copied some unencrypted movies directly to my HD, but then I don't use 1Click or any other DVD burning software to copy those movies/videos to a blank DVD. All the videos and movies copied to my HD seem to have two files: a VIDEO TS file and an AUDIO file. All I do is open any disc burner, such as SONIC and copy those files directly from the HD to a blank DVD. Seems to work everytime and they then play both in my PC and in all of my standalone DVD players.

I hope this helps. I could be wrong for movies you copy from a TV card.