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Movies are freezing up with many players


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Jan 29, 2007
Hello All,

I am new to this forum-- This is my first post. I have looked through the posts and did not see anything with these exact circumstances so I’m posting a new thread; if this question has already been answered—all apologies. I have been using AnyDVD for a long time now and just recently started using CloneDVD2 because I am such a fan of it. I just recently backed up a copy of Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny and it played very well until the last few minutes when it started to freeze, then sort of skip. I checked Windows task Manager and PowerDVD (the player I happened to be using) was going from “running” to “not responding” and back again. Eventually I fast forwarded it a bit and got past this. I thought maybe it was the player, so I tried the same area on Windows Media Player, and then on Media Center. I even tried it on my Playstation and a regular stand alone player, all with the same results. Now usually, I would just think that the original media must have been dirty etc, but the original media is new, so it isn’t that. Does the brand name of disk really make that big of difference? I know media is supposed to make a difference. I usually use Verbatim, but I recently ran out of those and have been using Memorex, could this be the problem? I used to use Memorex with DVD Shrink without this many problems. This is the third movie lately that I’ve noticed this happening to since I started using CloneDVD. Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Generally freeze-ups toward the end of a disc are due to the media. One way you might be able to get around that when using CloneDVD is to set the write output to "Custom" with a 4300 or so setting. That probably will raise the amount of compression needed to get it in that space and quality may suffer.

The general consensus on Memorex media is OK for data storage that uses 2/3 to 3/4 of the disc, not so good for movies.
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Usually freezing during playback viewing of recorded Media is caused by the use of poor quality blank DVD Media, old out of date obsolete DVD Burner Firmware, and/or a combination of both.

Memorex Media manufactured by CMC Magnetic Taiwan has a well-documented history of being poor quality media and should be avoided.

Suggest using known proven quality Media such as Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden and ensuring that your DVD Burner has the latest current up to date Firmware.

skipping at end

memorex did the very same thing to me on every movie I backed up from
that 25 pack.They are no good!