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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by RONMAN101, Oct 30, 2020.

  1. RONMAN101

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    Is there a way to add the Movie Year to the download template or does this require a new request? This is mostly a issue when the same named movie is reissued in different years and your not sure which one you download unless you play it.
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  2. Mollenoh

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    I agree. That would be useful. Some players (like Infuse) will more often than not confuse movies and TV-shows with the same name.

    As a workaround, movies can be renamed after download. For TV-shows with multiple episodes, you can create a temporary template with the year "hardcoded". I've done that for Once Upon a Time like this:
    %n (2011) - s%se%e - %t
    That will produce filenames like Once Upon a Time (2011) - s01e01 - Pilot.mp4
    Just don't forget to switch back to your regular template when done.

    It's not a critical problem, but it would be convenient to have the year automatically added to the filenames.
  3. Tekton

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    Is there a list of all the different template codes we can use? like %n/s% etc...
  4. Mollenoh

    Mollenoh Well-Known Member

    It's right there, at the bottom of the pages where you add/delete/edit the templates.

    For TV-shows they are:

    %p = provider name
    %n = show name
    %s = season number
    %e = episode number
    %t = episode title

    For movies they are:
    %p = provider name
    %t = movie title
  5. RONMAN101

    RONMAN101 Active Member

    So, like everyone else, I'm new to this package so I guess I should have examine the Template Editors more closely to explain what I'm looking for. Yes, those are the only VARIABLES that are defined today in AS. FOR MOVIES: Would it be possible to add release year to the variable section, so that when you download a movie title, that is reused over multiple generations, it does not overlay or ask to replace the movie, based on the template structure. Example: Halloween came out in 1978, 2007, and 2018. All three movies are different, but AS will tell you that you downloaded it already, if it is spelled the same way and you don't rename it first. If the year was an option for template building, it would be golden! Just rather not spend time renaming them, plus not sure if this is an issue for the logs.
  6. Prospere

    Prospere RedFox Development Team

    It is not possible at the moment, but we have noted this, so, when the time comes....
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