Movie stops or freezes

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  1. Hello. after ripping a movie and playing it, it stops or freezes six or seven times during the movie . I hope you can assist me with this problem.
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    Your backup skips and freezes?

    1. Update your burner's firmware (if available)
    2. Use good quality media only
    3. Try lowering your burn speed (not below 4x; if you have a 16x burner and 16x rated media try writing to it at 12x instead of 16x)
    4. If you're using +R, +RW, or +R DL media, change the booktype to "dvd-rom" (step 3)
    5. Avoid sticker labels (they tend to cause problems)
    6. Try setting a custom size of 4300 in whatever program you're using ot burn(but if you're using good media, you shouldn't have to) if you're using regular single layer dvd-5 (4.7GB) discs.

    Bad burn quality is notorious around the end of discs
    and also at layer breaks when using low quality DL media (use Verbatim +R DL media, and change the booktype to "dvd-rom)
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