Movie Removal of Audio Streams fails

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by GreenJelly, Oct 3, 2007.

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    When I remove audio streams using CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD-HD I get default languages that are set to blank. I can not change audio in the Playback of these movies in Media Center Vista. The languages exist, and playback fine after switching audio streams in PowerDVD, but unfortunately this is not an option since it doesnt seem to recognize the subtitles. This has happened to a few DVD's of mine, and am working on a way to manually fix them. This shouldn't be happening.

    Movie Silk
    Chinese, original Audio was around 5. I do not have the original disc at the moment. I can send the CloneDVD results in, though I cant post them here because they are too big. As I look at the IFO and VOB from the IFOEdit program, that there is some problems (well duh), I just dont know what to fix.

    Slysoft had me buy CloneDVD to bypass the new Sony Filesystem Protection, and I payed good money for it. However outside of removing these file system issues, it performs worse on editing and removing content on DVD's then any other application I have used to date. I am required to include the menu's with these dvd's and then shrink them with Menu Shrink as my only way to provide me the ability to change languages.
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    You must check to ensure you're including the subtitles in your backup (in Clonedvd)--and then manually select them in your playback software.

    5? What does that mean? :confused:

    I recommend clicking this link and reading fully:

    While the link applies to director's comments, in general, it offers a good understanding of how to select audio properly in Clonedvd.
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    I am greatly disapointed.

    There is no selection for default audio track. In this case only one audio track remained. CloneDVD should be smart enough to select and set this audio track as the default audio track and change the files accordingly.

    That and it should allow for the option to re-author it to a different channel. Making Full backups is not appropriate when you are taking your DVD's and putting them on a large file server. Full functional DVD's are a luxury that I often dont have do to disk space requirements.

    So How do I fix this and other DVD's so that the audio track plays by default on all players.
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    Then I view this as a fault with your playback software. If I only have one audio track, my dvd player either 1) defaults automatically to it or 2) allows me to choose the audio track manually. This is also true of my playback software.

    If you wish to male suggestions concerning features in Clonedvd, then I suggest contacting the developer--Elaborate Bytes:

    Slysoft is a reseller--not the official developer of this product.

    You could try dvdshrink. Clonedvd, I doubt, was never intended to offer the same reauthoring functions that Shrink had. But again, if you wish to make suggestions or complaints, I suggest contacting the actual developer of the program.