Movie Only ISO Forced Audio and Subtitle Editor

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    ISO 3D and 2D "Movie Only" Default/Forced Audio and Subtitle Editor

    Some time ago I wrote an App that allowed you to edit a BD Folder to set the default/forced Audio track and Subtitle track (if wanted).

    I have written a new version (attached) that allows you to do the same for an ISO file.

    (If you need the "BD Folder" version then scroll down and select Version 2.1)

    In order to make a 3D file, the output from the new tsMuxer or new BD Rebuilder has to be an ISO.

    This version will work for "Movie Only" ISO files that are 3D or 2D.

    It will allow you to edit the resulting ISO file to set the default/forced Audio track and Subtitle track (if wanted).

    Obvioulsy, the ISO must NOT be mounted when editing the ISO file. Once edited, the ISO can be mounted in Virtual Drive, or Burned to Optical Disk, and will play with the tracks as default/forced that you have set using this program.

    Remember, this is for "Movie Only" ISO files.

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    Thank you very much for sharing! :D
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    Im try this tool but ISO is unplayable (TotalMedia Theatre 6, PS3) after apply changes. I have 3 ISOs movie only from Tsmuxer...
  5. rotty dog

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    Im at a loss to answer this, all I can say is it works.

    What version of tsmuxer are you using.

    How exactly did you create the Movie Only ISO, i.e. the entire procedure.
  6. EvilDeath

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    tsMuxer GUI 2.6.12 exactly a mount original ISO to Virtual CloneDrive then open .mpls for main movie with tsmuxer. Select main movie + one languge and one subtitle only. Then save like ISO. Now this iso can burn or play with TotalMedia Theatre 6 or PS3. If i use Set Default BD ISO Tracks for select primary subtiles like track 1 is ISO unusable. Cant play with PS3 or TotalMedia Theatre 6. If i this scrap ISO open again with tsmuxer and save to iso is all ok.

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    I don't know what exactly is happening, I can only think that the MovieObject.bdmv file is corrupted after being altered.
    I take it that other movies you have tried setting the default tracks (Movie only ISO) work ok.

    If you have NOT tried other disk, just try one as a test.
  8. EvilDeath

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    I tried 3 disks :eek:( All three ISos was corrups.
  9. rotty dog

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    OK then I really don't know what the cause is.

    There must be something your doing that is different to others including me.

    I notice you have moved the position of the PGS (sub) stream within the streams.

    I know that the others are un-ticked but in your .jpg the order is: MVC,H264, AC3, PGS, and then it goes back to an audio stream (un ticked I know)

    Have you moved the PGS "up" out of place in the order.

    I don't know if this is the reason for the problem but is the only thing that is different.

    I can tell you that you are the only one with this problem. This is NOT a blame, its just to help you, there must be something that you are doing differently.
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    Sorry im a moron. I forgot one my step i made. First i use tsmuxer and then cloneDVD ! ISO structure was from cloneDVD not from tsmuxer. Now is all ok. Sorry !
  11. rotty dog

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    No problem at all. Thanks for letting me know.
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    OMG thank you Rotty! BDEdit wasn't working for me when I wanted to make a sub the default on. You ARE a god!
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    Where can i find version 2.1?
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    Same here... does anyone have a copy of rotty dog's BD folder version "2.1"?
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