Movie Only Copies: eac3to, tsMuxer & ImgBurn Made Easy

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    I started off with this thread, but found the forum getting asked the same question over and over again about seamless branching, audio overlaps etc etc. It seems that there are plenty of users who can't really be bothered with the command line. This is a real shame.

    However, even presented with the answer on a plate; some users still didn't get it. I'd been thinking about a GUI for some time, but not really being a programmer in this field lacked the tools, energy and interest.

    However, I did it. Here's the 81st public release:

    BIG THANKS to DAMNSKIPPY For Download Servers

    Clown_BD v0.81 (ca 325kb)
    Clown_BD v0.81, tsMuxeR v1.10.06, eac3to v3.27, BDSup2Sub v4.00, Aften x86, Mencoder Generic 486 & MuxMan free (ca 13.2mb)

    (as it's a bit of a joke, until the real CloneDVD-HD is published by our heros).

    Unofficial Mirrors

    Digital Digest

    v0.81 (2013-05-31) Eighty First Release
    . Update Java version & download link
    . Update eac3to version number
    . Suggest correct playlist on Sony ScreenPass (AnyDVD's disc.inf needs to exist)
    . Windows 8 does not correct FreeConsole, don't care about this now (before I errored)
    v0.80 (2010-12-01) Eightieth Public Release
    . Corrected console hooking based on actual console dimensions rather than screen width.
      Thanks to entrecour
    . Corrected NMT mode DTS showing as LPCM in 1 rare case
      Thanke to robertwallace
    v0.79 (2010-11-20) Seventy Nineth Public Release
    . Introduced solution for DVD forced subtitles.
    . Allow more AC3 bitrates in DVD mode. Anything <= 192kbs will be stereo.
    . Corrected field sizes made too small to cater for DVD Type Field (Thanks to Lynx & Fast Eddie)
    . Reinstated /RES:1080p as this broke forced subtitles. Thanks to Viper69
    . Added tool tips for new fields. No translations so far
    . Greyed out fields on step1 that are not relevant to DVD conversion
    . Added full ISO639-1 & ISO639-2 rather than hardcoding only a few popular ones. see for full list
    v0.78 (2010-11-18) Seventy Eighth Public Release
    . Repacked due to wrong version of eac3to delivered
    . Correct ISO9660 + UDF 1.02 for DVDs in ImgBurn Mode
    . Fix Bug introduced in previous version meant that subtitles didn't get named properly in .META file
    . Fix Bug introduced in previous version allowing no selection of audio codec
    v0.77 (2010-11-17) Seventy Seventh Public Release
    . Support BD to DVD Conversion. Batch Mode Only.
      You need to download Mencoder & MuxMan
       Download From
       Add to the Clown_BD\Mencoder\ folder and manually change your .INI
       Download From
       Add to the Clown_BD\MuxMan\ folder and manually change your .INI
    v0.76 (2010-03-05) Seventy Sixth Public Release
    . Updated BDSup2Sub to version 4.0.0
    . Corrected HD-DVD TrueHD With Delayed Audio. Thanks to phantom_zone for spotting & testing this
    . Possible fix for users getting stuck on OPTIONS panel
    v0.75 (2009-10-18) Seventy Fifth Public Release
    . eac3to v3.17 released.
    . Show eac3to progress numbers now instead of bar
    . Automatically add -keepdialnorm to TrueHD track
    v0.74 (2009-10-11) Seventy Fourth Public Release
    . Ipdated BDSup2Sub to version 3.9.8
    . Changed method of parsing logs & additional clearing of memory before parsing.
      This hopefully fixes the strange error that sometimes lead to incorrect display of pass2
      tree view showing strange results. additionally default audio and subtitle streams
      being selected when they were not favourites.
      very hard to test, abit like trying to proove you're not a witch
    . Changed use of AFTEN
    . Fixed BATCH mode shutdown
    . Changed Franch VIDEO_CONST
    . fixed eac3toaextras and speedup/slowdown in NMT mode
    . fixed LPCM problem in NMT mode
      I really shouldn't have agreed to do NMT mode, it's such a hack[/COLOR]
    You need to have the UDF2.5 driver installed running under XP, and of course AnyDVD-HD when dealing directly from the disks
    ---> How to install and uninstall Toshiba UDF 2.5 drivers in XP


    Please make sure your Java is up-to-date. See here thanks to Bluer

    Quick Guides

    Clown_BD - Another Handy Little Program, No Clowning Around!!!

    Previous Versions
    Clown_BD v0.79 (ca 324kb)

    Here are some of the 1st prototype screen shots. Since then, it's advanced some.

    To sum it up in one sentence: Clown_BD will enable you to extract (on the fly) the main movie and language streams of your choice, resulting in either transport streams (for Media Jukebox), an ISO image (for PowerDVD) or even a burned BD disk (for standalone players).

    • Input - HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Structures, MPLS or single M2TS/TS/EVO/MKV files

    • Extract True-HD
    • Extract LPCM
    • Extract AC3 core (from True-HD) or DTS Core (From DTS-MA)
    • Convert audio to AC3/DTS (Optionally Choose bitrate)
    • Change language of audio/subtitle stream
    • Change order of audio/subtitle stream automatically based on preferences, and manual override

    • Extract Subtitles
    • Extract Blu-Ray Forced Subtitles
    • Convert HD-DVD Subtitles to Blu-Ray
    • Automatically Activate Forced Subtitles In Your Preferred Language

    • Extract Chapters

    Other Features

    Create ISO or Burn To Disc
    • Call to imgburn to create ISO
    • Burn directly with ImgBurn

    Multilingual User Interface
    • Dutch User Interface

    There are still some todos:
    • Call eac3to for (at least 1st playlist) immediately after 1st sucessfull call - preserving each subsquent call
    • Convert BD structure to VCD & SVCD format (just a joke)

    Known Bugs:
    • None

    Screen Shots

    Select some options:

    Select your default locations:

    eac3to is called, and the playlists are presented to you. Select one and proceed:

    eac3to is called, and the video, audio and subtitle streams are presented to you. Select what you want and proceed.

    eac3to is called and saves all the streams you selected.

    a meta file for tsMuxer are created & tsMuxeR is executed.

    If AVCHD mode is selected, then all files are renamed to 8.3 standard.

    If you selected a .ISO image, then ImgBurn is called after after tsMuxer is completed.

    Finally a sound is played - especially usefull if you leave you PC unattended, so you can hear it from another room.

    Thanks to:

    Madshi for his help in identifying the audio types
    SamuriHL for his ImgBurn ISO guide
    adbear for his Guide for Unprotected Blu-ray ISO for PowerDVD
    BurnerHead for German Translation
    Dr4k0 for Italian Translation
    pseudo555 for French Translation
    Pl4yit for the Dutch Translation

    And the guys in the forum who helped me test

    If anyone has any comments, suggestions or bug reports please let me know.

    Important please provide:


    If you don't post the logs. don't be suprised if I don't reply.

    to me if you have a problem.

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    Please redownload Version 0.52, as a new translation has just been included.

    Best Regards,

    This post is not necessary anymore, because the german translation is included in ClownBD itself.

    I reserve this space for future translations to be posted here. Please report bugs and critism in the german thread for ClownBD.

    Have fun using ClownBD!

    New german translation file is included in the attachement. I made some minor and major fixes, so make sure you always use the latest version.
    The first file ("") only contains the updated german .LANG file. Replace it with the very buggy one from v0.31b.
    The second file("") now contains the original ClownBD.exe file, the updated german translation, all other translations, the changelog.txt and the Pcm2Tsmu.exe file.
    Version 0.32b. Please update your german translation. Version 0.31b from the official website does NOT contain the newest translation.
    Newest translation is included since Version 0.32b. I don't upload the files anymore, because they are included now.
    If I bring out a new version, I will be posted here first. Probably some days before it will be integrated. So stay tuned.
    Attention: The Tooltips have been fully translated. But it's still beta, because I worked very long on it, got tired, fell asleep and finished the work napping. So it's likely that I broke something.
    Have fun!
    How to install:
    Unzip the file(s) and put it in the directory of ClownBD. Done.
    If there's already a .lang file just replace it.
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  3. Biffa001

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    If you mean me, no problem :D

    Is the version you have listed above a change to the one you PM'ed me earlier? If so I can download and test this for you to on a few new BRD's over the w/end.
  4. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    yes, it's very different from the version you saw...

  5. Biffa001

    Biffa001 Member

    will give it a whirl and report back.

    Thanks for the work on this. For guys like me who prefer to fire and forget and not play with 3 or 4 different programs this is a real boon.

  6. lwgreen

    lwgreen Well-Known Member

    I just PMed you with results of my test, and here you already have a newer version. I'll check out this one as well.

    Thanks a lot for your work on this.:)
  7. tomcam

    tomcam Well-Known Member

    i tried it today, movie ("wanted") was mounted with VCD (drive "q") but i couldn`t take a playlist there (see screenshot). is this a problem in fact of the movie (BDInfo gives me two playlist files for the main movie "wanted")?


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  8. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    i need to see all .LOG files produced.
  9. tomcam

    tomcam Well-Known Member

    there was just one LOG file produced

    the whole BD was stored in an iso file, mounted with VCD (drive letter "Q"), so my "movie location" in Clown_BD was "Q". next step was the first window shown up before (Schritt 2).



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  10. mike_r

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    Please update your eac3to. we're on version 3.03 now. I forgot to mention in the 1st post that you need to have version 2.81 or greater (but always the newest is the best, unless you hear otherwise).

    Please also download the latest version of the GUI
  11. tomcam

    tomcam Well-Known Member

    thanks for your help, now it works :):clap:

    but the last progress (tsMuxer Progress) ist very slow, maybe because of the destiantion - stream files and output for tsMuxer take the same folder at one hard drive. normally i work with two hard drives, one for the stream files and the other for the directory of tsMuxer. is it possible to make this in the feature so we can put one destination for each?


  12. TM2-Megatron

    TM2-Megatron Well-Known Member

    I've looked at eac3to, but it seems like you need a bunch of additional components for it to fully work... some of which are quite expensive; the Surcode DTS encoder, for one. And the Nero HD-DVD/Blu-Ray plugin isn't even available anymore... how are you supposed to get that?
  13. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    eac3to works with no extras just fine with AC3, it's only DTS that has to have surecode. i don't think there's a free workaround, sorry.

    any eac3to specific questions, then it's best to ask on the eac3to on doom9 (link in the application)
  14. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    maybe, but it also depends on the speed of your drive & system.

    i too put the final film on a 2nd drive, but decided against it.

    i'll put it on my todo list, but i can't say when it'll happen.
  15. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    I've done this now...
  16. tomcam

    tomcam Well-Known Member

    very nice work, thanks a lot :rock:

    could it be that this "step" - or better progess called "a meta & BAT file for tsMuxer are created & executed:" takes even longer as it would do normally with tsMuxer? (have version 004 tested today)

    the progress with eac3to runs very quick now with different harddrives, but when that progress is finished and the window with tsMuxer comes up it`s going very slowly. destrination was "bluray" structure, no iso ...


  17. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    works fine on my machine. it's not doing anything irregular or different to tsMuxer...
  18. perio

    perio New Member

    I tried to convert a HDDVD to Bluray, but I didn`t get any subtitles to work. Any suggestions?
  19. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

  20. tomcam

    tomcam Well-Known Member

    tried it with another "simple" BD (Clown_bd 05) and it worked well in all progresses. next try was again with the movie "wanted", the first tree steps passed without problems but when the window from tsMuxer comes it stopped working. have to try more if i can find the reason why.


    tried it again, but no luck - tsMuxer doesn`t start working at that movie. if i make it "the old way" with tsMuxer it`ll work, strange ...

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