Movie often has at least 1 pause/stop?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by jetman07, Feb 23, 2007.

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    My process is pretty straight forward:

    1. Rip DVD movie files using AnyDVD to HDrive
    2. Use CloneDVD2 to write VID files to ISO format
    3. Burn ISO file to DVD using Alcohol 120

    But I usually get at least 1 pause or stop and to get past that requires a little figiting with advance slo-mo. Some copies are fine, some not. Is there anything I may be doing wrong that creates this problem?

  2. Webslinger

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    No :disagree:

    Read this fully please:




    Follow this fully instead

    Or If you want to see my preferred method for backing up movies, read:

    Oh, and Alcohol 120% will not retain the original layer break position either when using +R DL media either.

    Errr, hello, and welcome to the forums!
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    Step1: With AnyDVD running in the background and the original movie disk in your DVD-ROM Drive, use CloneDVD to Rip and Burn the movie to a blank disk in your Burner Drive.

    Step2: Watch the backup you just made.

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  4. jetman07

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    Well, this is sort of confusing because according the Firexcpro, I must use Clonecd (not CloneDVD2) to retian layer break position, "and you can only retain the original layer break postiion when using R+ D/L discs."

    Hmmm? :confused:

    I want to be able to create an ISO file so that in the event the BUP dsk gets damanged, I can burn a new one? Is this a problem. Using the Firexcpro method works great, but leaves only the VID files (as copied to the HDD). I would think having a ISO file would be more efficient. And again, I wonder (If not Alcohol 120 which is also said incapable of retiaing the break position) I suppose the best method is to use CloneCD again to write the VID files to a D/L disk? Anyone?
  5. DetroitBaseball

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    You don't need to retain the original layer break position.
  6. jetman07

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    More hmms... my original post inquired about why a number of my BUPS were pausing and/or stopping during playback, and had to be 'encouraged to move ahead' by selecting 'slo-mo' forward to get the DVD to read on? My research (limited that it is) also tells me (again the Firexcpro post) that 'the break' addresses the D/L sector where the second layer is reached and the remaining content is interpreted?

    Can you explain why the break is not a concern please?

    I'm using Memorex D/L R+ (ID'd as Ricco media) and a LG
    H22N burner.
  7. Webslinger

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    Rip with Clonecd then, and use Clonecd to burn if you want another backup. There's no reason to be using 3 different programs. Nothing you do with Clonedvd2--including ripping to ISO--will retain the original layer break position (if, in fact, you do want to retain it).
  8. Webslinger

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    Use Verbatim +R DL instead

    Memorex is junk
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    Sorry, I was under the impression that (stop/pausing) was the reason for the occasional interruption in playing back the recorded media, i.e. the inability of Clonedvd2 " retain layer break position", according to the Firexcpro post you recommended, and with the inability of Alcohol 120 to burn the D/L movie BUP without identifying the break as well. Thus, causing the stop (there's usually one somewhere), which is what I am endeavoring to eliminate? The "chosen" option in the post is to use CLONECD which builds the VID files, but I would much prefer a single SIO. So my question still is this: is the pause/stopping caused by the burn process NOT finding the break properly on a D/L disk? Or, has been stated "you don't need the break?" I'm full circle on this one and I'm sorry for being totally ignorant on this one, but I want to get to the bottom of it, and I seem to be getting mixed possibilities. I don't want to use three progs to do something as simple as this process should be, and I do want to find out why I'm getting the pause/stop. If it's a matter of the pause being caused by the Memorex/Ricco blanks, then I've got about 30 more problems on the shelf. :doh: Thank you very much for your patience!

    BTW - I'd prefer Verbatim disks but there hard to find here, I usually opt for what Costco offers, because retailers are gouging people here (Population 1,000,000) for no reason and they are retailing no-name brands. The disks I get are labelled Memorex but ID as Ricco.
  10. Webslinger

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    The Fire what now? :confused:

    Oh that user asked a question. I responded. That's my post.

    It doesn't cause the stop. Your bad choice of media does, and the method you're using doesn't make any sense.

    You can try Clonecd to see if the problem goes away. Rip to an image file using Clonecd.

    I think you should try the methods posted instead.

    By the way, Clonecd creates an image.dvd file and files. Just create a folder. If you want to burn again, use Clonecd to burn and select the image.dvd file

    It's very simple. Use this:

    Problem solved.

    Junk (you tend to get what you pay for with blank media . . . not always, but generally)

    And quite frankly, for +R DL discs I won't touch anything other than Verbatim at the moment (made in Singapore . . . they may be made in India soon)

    1. Upgrade your burner's firmware

    2. Use better media

    3. Follow this: (ensure you do step 4)
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    You may need a new burner my backups used to do this it stopped when I got a new burner.
  12. jetman07

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    Media demons it is then!

    Thank you so much for your patient follow-ups. I did use your advice on using CloneCD and the method you referred me to last evening. I'm happy with CloneCD it's simple, fast and appears to be very solid. I guess it doesn't really matter weather I store BUP ISOs or use dvd-img files for BUPS, and you have demonstrated that media is Gawd when it comes to D/L DVD reliability.

    ~`Ron :bowdown:
  13. Webslinger

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    Pretty much . . .

    I would upgrade your burner's firmware as well--and ensure your burner is setting the booktype of the blank media you're using to "dvd-rom"

    When you use Clonecd the pause will occur in the exact same place as the source dvd (this is the only benefit to retaining the original layer break position)