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Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by patrickcarpenter, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. patrickcarpenter

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    can you recommend a site where I can get movie labels?
  2. Avi8tor

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  3. jvc

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    I hope you mean "covers", and not labels.
    Never use paper labels! They'll cause problems........

    RAMROD Well-Known Member

    i agree wit jvc never use paper sticky labels i wish i knew how to remove a few myself as far as cover art goto
  5. jvc

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    Peel them off as best you can. Then take a small rag, and spray WD-40 on it. Rub it on the label that's left on the disc. Wet it and rub several times. Just keep rubbing the paper, and working at it. It will come off. The WD-40 is good for getting the glue off. Once you get it all off, you can wash the disc with warm soapy water, and rinse. Dry with a soft cloth.

    It takes a little time and effort, but not really that hard to do. When I run across one of my old discs, with a label, I remove it this way, while watching another movie, or tv. It saves from having to reburn it............. :)
  6. fivestones

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    All the post i see here tell me not to use Labels you may won't to read befor useing them.Fivestones:D
  7. Avi8tor

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    You guys are right about the paper labels...ok on cds but not dvds. I should have mentioned that in my original post. Having said that, the cd labels at cdcovers do work great when burned with a LightScribe drive.
  8. blake123

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    go get goo be gone from walmart it will get it off.
  9. G-Omaha

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    Not good on CDs either - especially the Multi-Spin drives. Caused one of my CD's to completly shatter and there was chards of plastic all over the place and it required a drive replacement. They look nice; but to use them is not a good practice.
  10. jeff24

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    Do not use labels use printable disks or lightscribe

    I wish I would have known the labels would not work. Warped disks and would not play back. Had to reburn all of the backups I had made using labels only a few would play.

    Now use Espon Inkjet printer and the printable disks. Works very nice. I have an older model R200 and has been working very nicely. Verbatim makes printable disks that work well. If you want color labels instead of going the lightscribe root. is a good site for covers as posted above by another member.
  11. therivetman

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    no no...warm dish water with dish soap...

    works the best...don't rub hard
  12. suprk

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    I second that. I use a Epson R220 Printer with Taiyo Yuden printable discs. That combined with the dvd labels from makes excellent back-ups
  13. RedFox 1

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    Good advice. I do the same myself.:clap:
  14. oldjoe

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    Same here....Epson printer Verbatim Hub Printable.
  15. RAMROD

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    thanks all i will give it a shot i quit using those labels a couple of yrs back and started using lightscribe i like the monochrome look and since i learned what to do and what not to do with the lightscribe the disc look very good to me but since using a dvd burner to do both i figured it would shorten its life so i bought 2 dvd burners one to burn the movie and one to burn the label and i use dvd rom to read it really doesn't matter which you use as long as your satisfied with the outcome and i did mention using for your cover art.8)
  16. RAMROD

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    i wouldn't use them on you cd's:disagree: either they will wither up in the sun and heat if you leave your disc in the car causing damage to your cd player.
  17. Kipper

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  18. saugmon

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    Here's my list of cover sites,for both disc and full size case covers:

    When locating a cover,I work that list-starting from the top with It used to be one of the best free sites,but they aren't getting any new covers uploaded.

    Paper/sticker Labels: Big No-No. Picky stand alone players will have fits with them, Pixellation,Freezing,Skipping,and Jumping. Both CD and DVD. Do the job right the first time.

    Inkjet printable media and an Epson R's series printers do a very good job,and I haven't had a single playback issue with Verbatim,Taiyo Yuden,and Maxell hitachi's.

    kipper: I'll check out your site.