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Movie is fine, but menu and ads skip or don't play


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Feb 16, 2007
Let me start off by saying that I am using a registered anydvd (latest version) along with 1Click DVD Copy.

I've never had problems before, but lately, I've noticed a lot of the movies i've backed up, when inserted in my DVD player, will play and then start skipping during the opening menus and advertisements and commercials. Then, the disc stops and there is an error.

But the actual movie is fine and plays great. No skipping or errors. Strange?

I noticed it with "The truth about cats & dogs" at first and thought maybe the disc was scratched. Then, it happened with "the joy luck club" and i thought maybe it didn't copy perfectly. But i'm watching "batman begins" to check to see if it copied fine, and the menu kept skipping.

And then I was surprised to find that all of them play the actual movies fine. But I don't want to live with a skipping menu. I'd like to see if anyone has had this same problem before...
I noticed that Pinnacle software has a conflict with the drive, I don't have Pinnacle, but I have similar, would this software cause this type of behaviour?

Just so the mods don't skim my post - THE MOVIE PLAYS GREAT, THE MENUS DON'T
Try posting a burn log for one of those movies, open 1Click and press your F8-key then look for where it says:

****Session Closed****

Everything in between these two lines will be one log.

****Session Started****