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    i have several dvd's converted as a single file loaded on my archos 504 player. The player will not play the movies though those converted in chapter versions play correctly. is there a way to break a movie into only 2 files and not the 15 to 20 files typically associated with chapters on a DVD? There is nothing wrong with the dvdclone it works as advertised...just hoping i can get a movie into larger than chapter size...
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    If you want it to be 2 files then on the Title Configuration page use the scissors to process only half the file on the first run and then pick up where you cut it and process the second half.

    To stop from having a file for each chapter, on the Output Method page uncheck Produce separate chapter files box. Maybe you may need to do it in 3 or 4 files. Of course adjusting the resolution of the output will impact the filesize as well.

    Refer to the two attached images.

    Hope this helps. :)

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