Move DVD subtitles to Blu Ray rip - is this possible?

Discussion in 'High Definition Software' started by iamjohnsname, Aug 13, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    My question is: is there a way for me to rip the subtitle track from a DVD and apply it to a Blu Ray rip of the same film film?

    I love French films and have lots of them. Unfortunately, not all of them are available in Australia, and even then, rarely on Blu Ray.

    I have a number that I have purchased on Blu Ray from France, but these have no English subtitles.

    I have purchased their Australian/American/English equivalents on DVD which do have English subtitles.

    I am basically illiterate when it comes to this stuff, so when I see some of the instructions for doing similar tasks online, I get very confused and have no idea whether I'm even reading instructions for what I'm trying to do.

    One option I was hoping was a possibility would be to rip the subtitles as a video track. If I did that then I could import the subtitles and the ripped Blu Ray video into a video editing program and lay the subtitles over the top of the video.
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    You can't combine a DVD "track(scene)" on a Blu-Ray disc. You would need to re-author the Blu-Ray disc and hopefully it will play correctly. To my knowledge, combining two different formats (DVD & Blu-Ray) isn't as simple as creating custom CDs with the "tracks" you like. I don't even think you can do that with a normal DVD, let alone a Blu-Ray. Unless you have some exotic expensive burner software.

    If the SlySoft Support Team (Frank and/or Peer) tells you can do it, I would love to know how to do it myself. :bowdown:
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    I don't plan on re-authoring a disc, or even an iso or anything, I just want the video file to play with subtitles. Happy for them to be burned in (which is why using a video editing program like Premiere would work, because I could just add the titles and export the mp4/mov/avi/whatever.

    I've done this already but have to manually type every single subtitle which is mind numbing.

    i was hoping there was another way.
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    Afaik this is not directly possible. The method of subtitles is different between. DVDs and blurays. DVDs use "simple text" while blurays use graphics "PGS". So no matter how you look at it some kind of conversion must be done

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    I guess I'm stuck doing it the old fashioned way of re-typing them!
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    Never tried it myself, but you could try ripping the subtitles from the DVD as .sup or .srt then muxing them into the video stream using TSmuxer and getting it to make a simple Blu-ray structure of just the movie. TSmuxer supports .sup and .srt subtitle files
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  7. iamjohnsname

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    It's not a bad idea but I imagine it would be so complicated I would never be able to figure it out. For one, the actual running times would be different because of different company logos at the front and end, as well as the frame rate difference. Those are probably things easily solved by more tech-savvy people than me, but the thought of trying to figure out all those technicalities is a big turn off for me.
  8. Adbear

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    Whichever way you do it you're going to have the same problem with timing. There are websites out there that already have subtitles made up designed to be muxed in with different region films, you might want to look on those sites, download some subtitles and just give it a try.

    In TSmuxer you just import the correct playlist for the main movie or just the m2ts file if it uses just one file for the movie, using the same 'add' button you also import the subtitle file, choose the streams of video, audio and subtitles you want to keep, tick the button at the bottom for 'blu-ray output' and tell it where you want it to be output too then tell it to 'start muxing'.
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    You make it sound so easy!

    Thanks for the advice though, I'll give it a shot.

    I have looked online for subtitles but they're not always reliable, the sites often look like havens for trojan horses and viruses, and they pretty much never sync correctly with the video I have. But I probably just need to practice a few more times...
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    you can use subrip to extract subtitles from dvd and add them to the m2ts file in tsmuxer.or download subtitles and add them.
    you will have a problem ,if the subs are from pal dvds.they run faster then
    the usual bd(50pps instead of 24 pps) like the sound on pal(speedup).

    al lot of work is to speed up your m2ts file to 50pps.clown bd does it.
    but the you loose the hd sound using the build in sound encoders.
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    Some programs let you select the subtitle and audio track when converting video tracks from DVDs. Nero recode can do this (Nero haters, feel free to suggest others). Then just add the converted video file to bluray project.
  13. Luke R

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    Thanks AdBear. I tried your method with SubRip and it worked! I used DVD Decrypter, SubRip, MakeMKV, and HandBrake.
    (I ran into video problems when exporting to a M2TS file using TS Muxer. Then, realized TSMuxer was not necessary).

    So, the answer is YES--you can rip the subtitle track from a DVD and apply it to a Blu Ray rip of the same film.

    1. Ripped VOB from the DVD (DVD Decrypter).
    2. Loaded VOB into SubRip; processed & exported as .srt file. (During processing, I added 22 seconds of padding to match up with the extra Blu Ray 22 second intro).
    3. Ripped Blu Ray (MakeMKV)
    4. Loaded the Blu Ray folder (from Step 3) into HandBrake; imported the .srt file (from Step 2) using the Subtitles tab, and selected "burn in" option.

    This created an MKV file with burned-in subtitles on a 1080p file, using the subtitle file from the same film's 720p DVD release.

    Couldn't believe it worked!

    Thanks, again.

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    Especially from an 8 year old thread with 8 year old links.
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