Mounting Problem with VCD

Discussion in 'Virtual CloneDrive' started by Bluu, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. Bluu

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    I have tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the latest version and it did not fix my issue. (incase that is the first suggestion on anyones mind).

    Any way I used VCD in the past to mount ISO's created from movies using CLONEDVD. Recently I am having troubles.

    When I mount an ISO the anydvd balloon pops up from my system tray and tells me AnyDVD is scanning the disc. When I open AnyDVD it tells me the correct file that the Virtual drive is mounted on.

    The problem is Win Explorer shows there is no disk in the virtual drive. Windows Explorer acts as though the virtual drive never mounted anything.

    Any one have some suggestions I can try to figure this out?
    I am using WinXP that has been recently updated.

  2. John

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    Does it still occur if you temporarily deactivate AnyDVD?
  3. Bluu

    Bluu New Member

    Yup, it still does it.

    Yes. Thanx for the thought though.
    I disable AnyDVD and I still cannot mount an ISO.
    I cant think of any programs I have installed since it used to work.
    any other ideas on what to check?

  4. cyspur

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    i'm having those problems as well. The only thing that works sometimes is when i right click on the iso and choose "open with" windows media player. Even then wmp says it doesnt recognize the file extension & if i want to go ahead and open file anyway....i click ok & sometimes it plays the iso. PowerDVD refuses to play the isos. Thx.
  5. Morluck

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    unmount problem found

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  6. sArnie

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    Try checking Your drive letter assignments

    I suggest You check Your drive letter assignments. If there has been any update or upgrade of system functions different drive letters may have been reassigned and not updated correctly. Try removing all drive letters from optical drives - virtual or physical - in Windows disk management and manually reassign them afterwards.

    For a very long time I'm using letter V: for my virtual drive, W: for my (main) writer and the letter R: for the reader (or older writer). These letters are quite near the end of the alphabet and thus don't collide with automatically assigned drive letters for removable media (USB sticks, external hard disks etc.). I noticed that some changes to the software or driver updates seem to uninstall and reinstall drive related drivers. During that process the letters assigned manually are dropped and replaced with the next free letter available at that time. These drive letters might be rearranged by Windows if You connect (or disconnect) any device that's recognized as a drive by windows. This can cause drive letter assignments and/or configured autoplay settings to become messed up e.g. Windows reassigns drive letter G: for Your virtual drive while AnyDVD and/or VirtualCD assume it's V:. That way the content of the virtual drive might not be correctly displayed by the OS.

    Hope that helps.