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    So - this is a clean install on a new machine (I got fed up of the VM taking 4 cores and 16GB out of my workstation). Win7 x64 SP1 with all the updates. 8210 fails to install complaining about KM3033929. Searched the forums and saw the /noSHA2check workaround - only it doesn't work. Well it installs but doesn't function. I get a 'Windows needs a digitally signed driver' error and the DVD drive isn't found.

    See attached screenshots.

    I've done the 'uninstall, restart, reinstall, restart' gig a couple of times to no avail.

    It's a reasonable chance that I screwed something up - but I can't see what.

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  2. James

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    You need to install Windows security update KB3033929.
    Of course not. You need to install Windows security update KB3033929 for a reason. Now you have seen why. ;)
  3. derekb

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    See the screenshot ss-rf-4 - that update is there.
  4. James

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    This is strange. Can you try to uninstall KB3033929 and install it again?
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    So - this is all sorts of fun. It turns out that 3033929 is itself a fix for an earlier update that was broken and is subsumed into a later 'rollup' update. So if you are checking for that update specifically by number (as opposed to by capability) then on a clean install of win7 (I know - it's ancient, but even so) and enabling updates then you can't proceed with AnyDVD. I'm looking at a way to get around this - but you can't just install 3033929 right at the start - because the update it fixes isn't there. Ad nauseum.

    Update - trawling microsoft KB gets me the following ....
    3033929 replaces 2949927 (Deprecate SHA1)
    2949927 was broken and needed replacing - but it isn't available for download - so there's no apparent way to get to 3033929.

    Further - the eventual replacement for 2949927 is listed as 3123479 (which is available for download at

    So I grabbed the x64 version of 3033929 and tried that (after installing 3123479) and that seemed to work. At least AnyDVDHD installed - I'm sure there's a less convoluted way to do this.
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    Hmm, I just had to replace my hard drive, I installed a Fresh Copy of Windows 7 Pro 64 bit SP1. After all updates, I installed AnyDVD
    It installed Perfectly, and functions Perfectly. Just saying.