Moderators should learn a fair-play.

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No, I think I have right for reply, Webslinger... closing the thread under my feet is not a fair play.
Replying to the last two posts of this thread.

This has always been an alternative for every software program, by its very nature. I admit I wasn't aware this was your conclusion, but it's hardly interesting.
No, it's not conclusion but one of the premises, the conclusion follows from the premises by logical reasoning.

At most deal sites, anytime anyone mentions a commercial software deal, someone invariably posts, "Why is this a hot deal? I can just pirate it. There is no such thing as a hot deal for software."
Then why I purchased the whole bundle and upgraded to HD version (at the time I didn't have HD device yet), when I had the opportunity not only to use cracks, but valid stolen key(s)?
Look below for the answer, in the text I quoted from your reply.

So you'll have to excuse me if I yawn.
Of course, you should add :yawn: smilie. I would have already post dozen of them (as I said - this is becoming tedious).

There always will be pirates. For everyone else who knows that Slysoft supports its products well, Slysoft believes eventually they will come around and purchase the product. This has always been Slysoft's philosophy. Their support staff answer everyone's questions eventually--not just registered users.
Exactly, there will always be pirates, whether or not from the Caribbean sea near Antigua. But that was not my point.
However, you have partly answered the reason why I decided to purchase SlySoft's products. The other part is that I feel obligation to give something in return, i.e. developers of quality software deserve their money. I won't talk about moral issues as this already went too far from the original point.

I always explicitly express that I am issuing a warning.
In this sentence "I" looks and sounds like I, no hard feelings again. People change given even small power over other people and tend to use it to the maximum extent possible (tm).

You'll pardon me if I'm not overly concerned.

And while it may be redundant to modify "opinion" with "subjective"; I like to hammer the point home (mostly because I deal with academics in the Humanities, but that's another topic).
Ego seems to play significant role here, as the text in parentheses were added subsequently.
Unfortunately, I'm an academic in Natural Sciences and deal with students in Technical Sciences (ditto, that's another topic, but may be the key of our misunderstanding).

I think I'll bring this discussion to an end. Otherwise I'll become senior member only by chatting with you, and I don't have neither ambition nor time for either...


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Bye for now...

OK, I'm out... no more fuel. Have some real-life things to do.
You've demonstrated your true self. Enjoy doing what you do. :)


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What is your problem with Webslinger? Webslinger is always helping other members and keeping the forum under control.

Better question is: what's his problem with me? Can't come up with the logical argument so he closes the thread under my feet?!?

There are always exceptions to the "rules".


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Better question is: what's his problem with me? Can't come up with the logical argument so he closes the thread under my feet?!?

Yes, that must be it.

Do you really want to have a neverending argument with me? And you can rest assured I don't agree with most of what you've written here.

I've got better things to do, and I would certainly hope you do as well.

I respect that this is Slysoft's support forums--and not a place where I should be having a 20 plus page argument with someone.

As for closing the thread, I already stated my reasons. You'll notice I didn't delete this thread. I really don't care if you continue to post on the same topic.
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Hi :)

@ Achernar. Thanks for the input & hopefully they'll be more to follow.
On more diverse & interesting topics. As you've seen fit to put an end to this. We'll all move on the wiser (maybe).
I'd just like to add that as far as Moderators go Webslinger is one of the good guys. I hope that you appreciate this & bear in mind that: It's voluntary : It's one of those roles where you're damned if you do & damned if you don't.
Playing around with semantics can be fun, but let's keep it in perspective. Hopefully we are all here for the enlightment of others. If we benefit in return as a result. All the better.

@DetroitBaseball Your request is duly noted & is currently # 56839327789233749383438987230834171342398233274 in line to be considered. At the current rate of processing , I believe we will be able to inform you of our decision in about 20years. We hope this is satisfactiory to you.

;) 8)​
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