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    Yep, that's what I thought. There is a small dimple on the data side of the disc. Looks like an imperfection in the manufacturing process. No worries, I will go rent another copy.
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    We all know you ment buy another copy. :sneaky:
  3. dalerreed

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    I check the first 7 1/2minutes without seeing any problems. The section at 00:03:26 did not have any problems. I was using PowerDVD 13 as the player...
    I'll check more in a minute. I had to stop...
  4. dalerreed

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    I tried mounting the ISO create by AnyDVD of the disc and played it using PowerDVD 13. It has problems. At the section at 00:03:26 the scene changes to incorrect playback of a scene from the movie. So the playlist the PowerDVD is using for the mounted ISO is incorrect.
  5. CCaptain00

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    AnyDVD HD now reports 00428 is the corrected playlist.
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    For what version (rental or retail)?

    I think we need to give AnyDVD staff more time. This one seems more complicated. I have read through all these posts, plus the ones at makeMKV and ClownBD. So far it has been reported that there are about six "correct" playlist for the US retail version (from Amazon) -- but out of those six at least 3 of the playlists are no even on my US retail Amazon version.

    BTW my retail version says ("Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD", "Limited Edition with over 5 hours of Extras") if that matters.
    I posted my log on the other thread.
  7. CCaptain00

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    USA Netflix
  8. goncal

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    PowerDVD15 appears to play Canadian version fine without AnyDVDHD running
    However AnyDVDHD seems to pick the wrong playlist

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  9. Frankenscripter

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    AnyDVD HD now identifies my Netflix disc as having good playlist 428. MakeMKV rips the file apparently fine. But, TMT (version 5.2) won't play the disc with or without AnyDVDHD running. Without anydvd, TMT dies after previews (no access to the Play Movie / Setup / Features stuff). With AnyDVDHD running, I get to the Play Movie spot, then TMT dies at black screen once I press play movie.

    So, I can't verify the ripped file is in correct sequence.

    Still great work so far!
  10. Ch3vr0n

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    Sure you can, play your makemkv mkv in vlc player.

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  11. Frankenscripter

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    Yes, the MKV plays fine (I use MPC-HC). But, without being able to play the actual disc, I can't be sure the MKV has the scenes in the correct order.

    On a lark I ripped an .iso of the disc, choosing NOT to keep protection. Mounted the .iso in VCD. TMT still won't play the actual movie... hangs once you try to "Play Movie."

    This is interesting... I've never experienced a disc not playing in TMT when AnyDVD was running.
  12. Ch3vr0n

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    Watch the mkv in full? You'll know if everything is in order then naturally

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  13. Frankenscripter

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    Preferably not. When I watch it, it will be with my wife, and if we get partway in and there's a problem, she will be HIGHLY annoyed. I don't own a hardware bluray player so I can't check that way either. Sigh.

    Does anybody know what the actual problem playing the disc is?

    Anyway, I'm content to wait a week or two until it gets sorted out. No urgent rush here, for me.

  14. ddjmagic

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    The developers seem to think your disc is fixed.
    Are you able to try another proper software player like PowerDVD? See if that can play the disc with and without AnyDVD running.
    Maybe TMT just can't handle the disc (even when fixed)
  15. CrazyEyes

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    AnyDVD HD reports corrected playlist 00428 (Netflix usa) Disk is Region free
  16. Turtleggjp

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    Just curious, did you watch the other Hunger Games movies this same way? They've all had this playlist obfuscation protection so this is nothing new. Usually it can take a week or two after the movie is released before all the various versions of the movie out there are correctly identified by AnyDVD HD. This information comes from the Online Protection Database, so you probably won't need an updated version of AnyDVD HD to fix this, just a little patience.
  17. cavediver

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    ANYDVD HD now shows MPLS 628 as the good playlist on my US Amazon retail disk. MPLS 628 contains one single M2TS file numbered 00501.M2TS with a length of 02:16:57.
  18. gereral1

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    You guys do know an .m2ts filter can be set for process monitor and you can fast forward the movie and pick up the exact segment map as well. Even though it tried to mask the mpls file it will show the one true called m2ts file, reversed protection.
  19. Frankenscripter

    Frankenscripter Well-Known Member

    When these obfuscated discs come out, I always check the "disc as played by TMT" versus the MKV file by doing quick samples of a few seconds at a handful of locations through the movie. Not enough to spoil anything, just enough to make sure I've got the order.

    This is the first time I've been on the bandwagon early enough to provide the stuff files to the AnyDVDHD team. :) Yea, I helped.

    And I pretty much trust that for my disc the now-reported 428 is the correct play list, but since I won't actually be watching the movie with my wife until tomorrow at the earliest, I'm content to sit back and let others perform the verification.

    Someone else asked if I have access to PDVD 16 or some such... nope. TMD 5.2 is the only way I have to play an encrypted bluray. Perhaps MPC-HC combined with speedmenu might work... haven't tried.

    Peace, all. Happy watching. and meanwhile stick it to Hollywood

    <makes MockingJay Salute with fingers>
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    I don't know if this is a new obfuscation technique but it appears they are playlist hopping?
    I've attached the contents of buda and a monitor of the playlists and streams, I also had two logs that are not the same size so both are attached.
    I ran the monitor during a 16x playback, I noticed they do make multiple hops in quick sequence so it's possible I may have missed something.

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