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    When I open Clone DVD Mobile it immediatley goes to taskbar and the only way I can work in it is if I maximize and the screen is distorted. It does not let me minimize without shrinking to the taskbar. No way to adjust the size. Using if for 3 months and no problem. Thanks for any help.:bowdown:
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    Had the same problem ...The App is in a minimized state that is corrupted. Here is what I did to fix ...On windows 10 when on the task-bar ...Right click and an image of the APP thumbnail opens then Right click on that image and a sub-menu opens
    Choose Maximize then the frame is whack but it opens ...Close the APP by the X and then reopen, then in MAX state choose to windows icon in in the top corner between minimize and close by X the 2 squares button, ...then resize the window and close the APP and reopen ...this is a UI bug with the state of the window size on close... (This same problem occur with other Apps as well)
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    1) An un-install then re-install.
    Or if you're feeling adventurous...
    2) With CloneDVD mobile not running, open Registry Editor. Go to...


    ...and delete the following 5 registry values showing in the right hand pane:


    Launch CloneDVD Mobile.

    Caution: Before deleting the 5 values, right-click on CloneDVDmobile (in left hand pane)>Export. That way you have a copy of the registry key should you need or wish to reinstate it.
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