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  1. VirtualRipper

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    Attached is the logfile for Moana, Redbox. It looks like the wrong menu is being selected by default.

    Does this one need some developer TLC?

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    What do you mean 'the wrong menu gets selected'? Anydvd doesn't select menus

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  3. VirtualRipper

    VirtualRipper Well-Known Member

    I meant wrong playlist. Man, you are a black and white person, aren't you?
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  4. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Not really, it's just a matter of getting the correct info so the developers can get to the bottom of things. Since anydvd doesn't select menu's it must be something else you were meaning, which is what i was trying to find out.

    Going by the logfile there doesn't appear to be any indication of screenpass or playlist obfuscation whatsoever. The disc appears to only have basic AACS protection. There's only 1 feature length playlist on that disc and its 00800.mpls with a playtime of 1h 47min
  5. Jeff R 1

    Jeff R 1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that's our Ch3vr0n for us... :D
    Just a guess, but any Disney title that I came across, the English track has always been .800, try that.
  6. nebostrangla

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    To be fair there's a huge difference between "Wrong Menu" and "Wrong Playlist" being selected even though AnyDvDHD doesn't select menus or playlists you player software does.
    Now on a screenpass protected title that is PROPERLY supported AnyDvDHD will TELL YOU the correct playlist in the status window and shorten the incorrect ones in the playlist selection of your Player software. To make it select it for play or make it easier to find to be selected by the user.

    Now for the forum community to give any users the help they need then correctly explaining what is wrong needs to be done by the user needing help. Otherwise we ALL are just taking shots in the dark as we are not on that machine and can't see what it is doing incorrectly for you. Remember that you are our eyes to be able to help you.
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  7. Jeff R 1

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    AnyDVD HD does make a pretty accurate selection when "Speed Menu" is used, in which case, it would have selected the 800 playlist.
    Like any other application it's not perfect, it does get in wrong sometimes and I'm talking about non-screen pass titles.
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  8. VirtualRipper

    VirtualRipper Well-Known Member

    When I open the mounted ISO with Handbrake, it comes up with 99 and 800 as having the same play length. It's taking 99 by default since that's the lower number. 800 is the correct one of course. 99 looks like it's an alternate audio version.

    Anytime Handbrake get's it wrong, I can usually count on a playlist entry in the disc.inf file. In both Trolls and Moans, HB guessed wrong, but the the playlist was also missing from the disc.inf file. So I was hoping that by uploading the log file, the devs would make a database entry for it, so if I ever go to re-rip in the future, it'll be there because I will have forgotten all this by then :)