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    I just downloaded the trial to see what this product is all about. I only own a couple of Bluray disks so I tried this out with Avatar. I attempted to convert Avatar to mkv, thinking it would retain the chapters and such like an iso file, while being able to reduce the size dramatically. I ended up with a 4gb mkv that looks pretty good when playing from a Pi with XBMC. However, there are no chapters and if I want to jump forward and I have to use the slow ff option. Not exactly what I was expecting. Is there a way to get chapters built into the mkv so I can easily jump around when playing? Not seeing any settings for this. Oddly, XMBC says the movie is 5:33 long instead of the actual 2:41. Even when playing the mkv in VLC I cannot jump forward at all. Just seems weird.

    My main interest in this product is to reduce the size dramatically into a decent format that will play on my XMBC with chapters. Any ideas?
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    Not weird, pretty sure current mkv support does not contain chapter support. Unless I'm mistaking, chapter support is on the feature request list.

    On the duration discrepancy, I have no idea.

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