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    Just to chime in, I'm having trouble with a US copy of Midway. The error is that when I try to play the DVD off the hard drive it states that there is a mismatch between the player region and disc region (which is not the case). I'm using Logfile attached.

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  2. Pete

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    You should better create an own topic, because this is not actually chiming in. You have an entirely different problem with a different version of the disc, that has a different variant of protection and just happens to have the same title ;)

    Regarding the region mismatch: did you create the HDD copy of the disc with the same settings you had when you created the log file?
    I see no reason why it shouldn't work.
    What region is your player set to?
  3. pstockha

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    Fair enough. I had figured it would be more helpful to keep questions regarding the same title in the same thread, but I apologize for any confusion it is causing anyone.

    Yes, created the HDD copy with the same settings.

    Player region had been unspecified (using a Dune player to play of the HDD). Tried again after setting player region to 1 with the same result.

    Additional symptom: when I use BD-Lite to try to just play a title off the HDD using the Dune player, all the titles show as the same length/size.
  4. Pete

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    Well, imagine the discussion when 5 participants are talking about one thing, the next 5 about an entirely different thing - you'd go mad trying to associate interwoven replies and questions that don't relate.
    Generally: never mix problems.

    The "titles" shown are just the many different playlists, part of the protection. The only valid one is the one shown by AnyDVD (in your specific case #741).

    Please check your PM.
  5. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    Just to clarify: "region 1" is a DVD region. Doesn't apply to Blu-ray at all.
    The Blu-ray regions are A, B or C - US would be A.
    Also you wrote above "...when I try to play the DVD...".

    I just want to make absolutely sure, that we agree on the subject: you are actually talking about a Blu-ray Disc (which is not a DVD, that's a different thing).
    And the region of your player should be set to A.
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    Yes, thanks. I was being insufficiently specific/accurate. Yes, we're talking about a Blu-ray disc. And yes, I'm aware regarding Blu-ray regions (A,B,C) and their difference from DVD regions (1,2,3,4,5). But my player has only the option to set region via menu by country and the consequent region is assigned in the code. It shows as "1" from setting it to United States even though for Blu-ray that would be "A". The player handles both DVD and Blu-ray so I assumed it was only displaying the DVD region code but internally applied the correct/comparable Blu-ray region code.

    Thanks again for your help.
  7. James

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    A Dune HD player capable of BD "with menus" playback can be set to use region A, B or C in the player setup. It can even be set to ask for the region every time you start playback.At least the two Dune HD players I own do this.