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  1. plato

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    Two questions: is it better to rip the DVD with the AnyDVD function "Rip Video DVD to Harddisk" and then burning the files with CloneDVD 2 or is it better to make an .iso - file with CloneDVD 2 while AnyDVD is running in the background?


    If I rip the DVD with AnyDVD, does the programe also remove the Layer Break?

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    It's better to use this method: click
  3. plato

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    What's so negative about ripping with AnyDVD?

    Sorry, but you didn't answer my last question:
    when I rip with AnyDVD does it also remove the LayerBreak?

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    There's no point if you own Clonedvd. Anydvd ripper's output will also equal the dvd file output of a full disc rip from Clonedvd. That said, Clonedvd allows you to remove unwanted material; there's no need to rip first when using Clonedvd, and, moreover, Clonedvd rips faster.

    Yes. It does.
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  5. plato

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    Did you test it by yourself?
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    Do whatever you want.

    What I stated are facts.
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    Sorry man! ;) I think my reaction would have been the same if I was a moderator with so many posts.
    But you have to understand me... I have lost some DoubleLayer DVD's with Casino Royale & Apocalypto and those discs are expensive.:(
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    Use Verbatim +R DL only (made in Singapore), and use Clonecd (not Clonedvd). I always prefer using Clonecd with double layer blank media, since Clonecd will preserve the original layer break position when using +R DL blank media. Clonedvd will never preserve the original layer break position.

    Currently there's a bug in Clonedvd involving the layer break with certain discs (and with the AI scanner enabled in Anydvd).

    This is the method I use to backup my dvd collection: click (I never use Clonedvd anymore nor do I compress video)
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    Now it's possible that you say I'm crazy ;) but first of all I have tried to copy Casino Roayle with CloneCD 5 and AnyDVD running in the background (AI Scanner enabled) but the copy was trash! The problem I do have now with Casino Royale is that there is suddenly a black screen in about the middle of the movie. I suppose that there is an error concerning the layer break...
  10. Webslinger

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    That's likely due to bad burn quality right around the layer break position. This problem is also likely due to your choice of poor quality blank media. However, it's possible updating your burner's firmware may help. Poor burn quality is typical right around the layer break position when using poor quality blank media.

    Another possibility may be due to a bug with the AI scanner, but I'm pretty sure Anydvd handles that disc fine (at least in Region 1). I think the AI scanner being at fault with this disc is unlikely.

    You really do need to post those .zip files I requested so I can also take a look at your filters.
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  11. plato

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    The blank media costs about 1,30 Euro, from my point of view it is much money...

    I tested the original Casino Royale with AnyDVD first with the AI Scanner enabled. Then I started to make an image with CloneDVD 2 and there wasn't a message that the layer break was removed.
    Then I tested the disc with AnyDVD and the AI Scanner disabled and there was a removal of the layer break in CloneDVD 2.

    When the AI Scanner was enabled AnyDVD found one or two more copy protections than when it was disabled.

    Furthermore I do live in region 2.
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    It's cheaper where I live (and I don't live in the U.S.), but Verbatim +R DL is not cheap. However, if I use junk +R DL (Ritek, for example), I end up with more coasters. So to me, I'd rather spend more money and use good quality blank media with less coasters than use junk blank media and produce lots of coasters.

    What you've been describing with respect to Casino Royale is consistent with a problem associated with using poor quality blank media. But I would still use Clonecd instead.

    Yeah, I've encountered the same issue, and that's a Clonedvd bug.

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that disc is just Sony Arcoss protected though, even in Region 2, and Anydvd does handle it fine with Clonecd.
  13. plato

    plato Well-Known Member

    I don't know whether you are a technician of SlySoft, but I think you are more than qualified enough to answer this:
    If I disable the AI Scanner and make an image with CloneDVD 2, so the layerbreak will be removed. But do you think the copy will contain copy protection (s) due to the fact that the AI Scanner was disabled (and maybe the AI Scanner could not remove "hidden" protections)?
  14. Webslinger

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    The Clonedvd backup (and the image) shouldn't contain any protection with the AI scanner enabled. If it does, either there's a burn quality issue--or Anydvd is bugged.

    A Clonecd backup will still retain some protection (it's 1:1 sector copier and, as such, it may copy some of the structural protection over). But Anydvd's status window won't report any protection being on the backup (despite the fact that there is some).
  15. plato

    plato Well-Known Member

    No. AnyDVD didn't find copy protections or bad sectors on the copy. The only problem was the black screen in about the middle of the movie (I suppose that's due to the layer break that couldn't be removed with CloneDVD 2 when the AI Scanner was enabled)

    O.K. I was wondering why there are still copy protections on the copy of Casino Roayle when I first burned the DVD with CloneCD 5.

    Could you explain in some words, what's the task of AI Scanner?
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  16. Webslinger

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    That might be the reason. It may also have something to do with not using Verbatim +R DL. But it's easy enough to make an .iso with Clonedvd, mount it using Virtual Clonedvd drive, and then watch that .iso using Powerdvd, windvd, or whatever . . .

    The AI scanner is intended for use with video-dvds that contain structural copy protection (some examples include Sony Arcoss, Protect-dvd, etc.) The AI scanner scans through the dvd's menus to find all playable titlesets. In this manner, the AI scanner can then ignore all of the bogus titlesets and simply choose to include only the the valid titlesets that the dvd player can play. In theory, the AI scanner allows Slysoft developers to update Anydvd less often to deal with newer structural disc protections. However, there are still some bugs in the AI scanner that need to be ironed out.

    You should allow the AI scanner to be enabled unless you encounter problems.
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  17. plato

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    O.K. That's a great idea, because it avoids losing blank media...

    Do there exist Rewritable DoubleLayer DVD's?
    I have read something on the internet but I couldn't find them in stores...
  18. Webslinger

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    I've never seen any.
  19. plato

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    O.K. one last question:
    is there any difference whether I write with 4x speed or 8x speed a DVD (when it is up to 8x)?
  20. Webslinger

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    The answer to your question is dependent on your burner, your burner's firmware, and the blank media you're using. With double layer blank media, it tends to be best to burn slower than to burn faster. With MKM 001 (verbatim +R DL, I will usually not burn faster than 4x even though the media is rated up to 8x; depending on the firmware I'm using, I will sometimes even burn at 2.4x).

    With poor quality single layer blank media, it's probably best to write at half the rated speed of the blank media. With good quality blank media (I actually write at 12x to 8x rated Taiyo Yudens), you can write a little faster. However, I rarely recommend burning at 16x to 16x rated blank media. I almost always write at 12x to good quality single layer blank media. Never write at 2x on 16x rated single layer blank media.