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    Happy Holidays!!!!

    I've seen this for quite a while, and I looked through the Forum. I'm using 3319f PowerDVD Ultra (always the newest version) and ANYDVDHD, newest version, it seems like the interactive ihd menus are always in French, or some other language! My discs are all from local stores as well. I'm getting to the point where I understand 80% of the menus now, but I would really like to have them in the correct language. My computer is 100% HDCP compliant, and it shows correctly when I disable ANYDVD HD, and all the language options within anydvdhd show english. Am I missing something, or is anyone else seeing this?

    Any help would be greatly appriciated!

    - I'll try this newest version and see if I have any issues.
  2. Adbear

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    not sure whats causing the problem, but thats not the latest version, latest version is 3516. which also stops playback of discs from the hard drive
  3. James

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    Try to disable the "rename highest xpl file..." setting in AnyDVD.
  4. Maltese

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    It is the XPL files. Had the problem with Harry Potter 5. You can switch the numbers and you will have English back.
  5. ChiefNuts

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    Well, leave it to one of the Masters of Slysoft. It took care of that! I also noticed that while in the menu, I selected Dolby Digital, it selected the 2.0 channel track, but when I selected the 2 channel, it was DDPro.

    I thought that setting was required for a good deal of Movies? (Universal Studios anyways.) When it is disabled, what do universal movies do?

    Thanks James, I appriciate the AMAZINGLY quick reply.

    My kept prompting for 3319f, So I figured it was the newest. I did log into my account at cyberlink, and saw the new one. Thanks.

    Yeah, it was harry potter that was the most recent HDDVD, but I have noticed it on others (ALL WB movies)
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