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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by boobear1998, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    No. fengtao didn't release a version that worked properly until 4 days after the release. Actually there was a 1 day difference between dvdfab releasing a version that worked properly and Slysoft releasing an Anydvd version that worked properly.

    That dvdfab beta that finally worked properly was released 24 hours before Slysoft released an Anydvd version that handled Blades of Glory properly. Of course, version wasn't the first version of Anydvd that handled Blades of Glory properly.

    To wit,

    My point really has nothing to do with that aspect (of scanning the disc through the menu; as far as that goes, I'm about as much in the dark about the specifics as most people are.)

    I think you really need to examine this statement and ask some questions about how you reached this conclusion. That's all I'm going to say.

    Please keep in mind that I'm not offended by anything that you've written, and if you want to disagree with what I've written, that's fine. Please don't feel that I'm arguing with you; I'm just explaining the facts (as much as I am able to, at least).
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  2. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    Webslinger posted a link to a post by me way back when that was true. He also quoted me from an older post. That post was slightly inaccurate on my part. The following is more accurate.

    It took 5 releases including betas for DVDFab to handle Blades of Glory. You can see a more accurate post here.

    Another thing to take into account is that the release date for both AnyDVD and DVDFab working on Blades of Glory is the same. The difference comes down to geographic location and time zones. Both were released on September 1st. The difference actually came down to hours.

    The problem that cropped up with Blades of Glory when AnyDVD was released was a result of a change in how CSS was handled. That has been fixed. So basically, AnyDVD versions through worked correctly. The next non-leaked release was AnyDVD which had a problem with movie as well as AnyDVD AnyDVD was released and fixed the problem.
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  3. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Well, the point is the difference was negligible (unless you consider the space of 24 hours mindblowing).
  4. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    Of course. :)

    Mainly my point in posting was to correct some inaccurate statements including my own. I hate when people are inaccurate especially myself. ;)
  5. Pelvis Popcan

    Pelvis Popcan Well-Known Member

    If you are using DL media, why are you using 1click? Use CloneCD, IMGBurn (which is free), or "Copy DVD" in Nero. That should solve your problems.
  6. fordman

    fordman Well-Known Member

    NO - do you use DVDFab at all? - DVDFab worked fine on this for me and other users for the WHOLE DVD, and it was released on August 28th, the very release date for this title in the U.S.! See for the proof. I actually didn't use DVDFab until 29 August on this title and it worked like a charm. On August 28th when I found AnyDVD choking on it, I turned to RipIt4Me and it worked like a charm also, but of course it keeps the protection markers in place and the devleopment has been killed...

    In the meantime, AnyDVD release notes claim it was broken with, released on September 1st, but was that an open beta? All I know is that I kept checking back at the main AnyDVD download location and saw that AnyDVD was released on September 8th, which finally took care of the protection, a total of 11 days later than DVDFab! Now, I admit that I then found the forum and started poking around, so perhaps there was or something that was an open beta and was working as promised, but to the average consumer that just knows to go to the download section to look for updates, it took Slysoft more than a week later to address this protection. I was one of those average consumers and recalled being shocked that it hadn't been addressed in more than a week when this free DVDFab HD Decrypter software had it licked! If AnyDVD was in closed beta during this period, then that is useless to the rest of us that don't have access to closed betas... Hmmm, perhaps it would help if Slysoft was more open with their betas - they're already protected with their disclaimers, and the betas are announced in the forum, so what would be the harm?

    OK, then I'm not sure what I said that made you think I don't know how it works. It seems there are little other methods to use than what I suggested. Like I said, I don't need to know the specifics - I just want a product that works reliably.

    OK, I examined it again - I reached this conclusion (about having AI off by default) because now that I've become familiar with this forum, I've seen it littered with posts about AI causing unintended issues with DVD backups, and workarounds that involve disabling AI scanning to get them to work. Just look at the most recent release notes about the fixes to AI! Now, doesn't it seem prudent to examine if AI is necessary, and disable it if not to avoid these issues in the future? If you say no, please explain why it is better to keep using AI by default. It seems like it's like "cracking eggs with a hammer" when a simple tap will do - AI has the potential to create a mess when it's not needed. However, if you are sure that all the bugs have been worked out and it's now infallible, then I agree that it is best left on by default...

  7. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    No. An issue still existed with dvdfab and Blades of Glory. The release that fixed all issues was released on Sept. 1st.


    This was the only program that worked properly with that disc since day 1.

    All Anydvd betas that were released at that time were open, yes. click
    And did handle the disc properly.

    No. You're completely wrong.

    Because you don't, and you're writing things that are completely wrong with respect to how it works.

    Yes, with previous versions. Presently the only disc I'm aware of having an issue with the A.I. scanner enabled is 8 Below Japan.

    No. And the answer is because you don't understand how the A.I. scanner works--and you quite simply don't know what I do know (and I can't reveal it at this time, unless someone from Slysoft does so first).
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  8. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    I experimented with all the releases of DVDFab HD Decrypter as well as other programs in dealing with Blades of Glory. I reported my problems when I experimented way back when. I stand by my statements. People can disagree but, in the end, I know what worked when I tested and I'm not going to debate the issue.

    AnyDVD was not really a beta. It was released as one due to the fact that Slysoft were moving their mail servers. AnyDVD and were not private betas, either.

    And... just to refresh some memories

    That said, this really has nothing to do with Meet the Robinsons and will be my last post concerning this.
  9. fordman

    fordman Well-Known Member

    WRONG! I did a complete backup and all features work for me - I watched the backup that I made with DVDFab, prepped with PGCEdit and then burned with ImgBurn Perhaps PGCEdit fixed whatever remaining structures others had problems with after using DVDFab? So, your conclusions are not the final word here - DVDFab DID get the data to my hard drive, and then my usual PGCEdit prep (normally just to examine layer break possibilities) and ImgBurn DID result in a flawless backup - thank you.

    Maybe as a one step solution (see my success with DVDFab/PGCEdit/ImgBurn)

    COMPLETELY wrong? No, I'm right - I caveated my statement by saying that AnyDVD may have had it licked, but it was in a beta that was announced in the forum and NOT in the main download area on Slysoft where I looked and I expect that the average user would turn to when they are looking for a new release to fix such an issue.

    As you admitted, you don't know the specifics either, and actually said the following:

    So, if you are in the dark about that, and that is my theory on how AI works, how can you judge my hypothesis "completely wrong?"

    Great, thanks for verifying that the AI scanner is still buggy. That illustrates and strengthens my point. As I said earlier, future bugs will likely be encountered when new titles are released with protection that target the technology. However it is promising that the number of broken titles is shrinking, so perhaps the AI scanner will indeed end the cat and mouse game with the copy protection developers after all - as a paying customer I'm in Slysoft's corner!

    Fine, I surrender - you win. Keep using AI scanning and examining your backups in detail for any unintended artifacts that it might have been introduced. Then, if and when you do find one, you can toss the backup and try backing it up with it disabled. I'll continue trying my backups with it disabled, confident that AI couldn't have introduced errors, so I don't have to watch the movie again to be sure. Only if I have issues with it disabled will I turn it on, and then will have to follow the same verification routine. My method seems like it would consume less time, but as you stated I don't know what I'm talking about... :D

    I really didn't intend to escalate this discussion to this level. I entered this thread because I initially encountered an issue with AI scanning and PUO removal and thought I should report it, and then had the decency to come back and state that because it stopped happening, it must have been something on my end. I'm a chemical engineer and I'm very familiar with experimental design and root cause failure analysis, and these precepts confirm that AnyDVD's AI scanning could not be the cause for my initial experience with PUO removal and proper playback.

    My mistake was to take it further than this - it seemed obvious to me that if a new feature is causing issues with previously broken protections and introducing errors, then it is best used with extereme caution. These issues caused another developer to make their similar feature a fallback, but since AI is now apparently more intelligent and less fallible, then Slysoft has nothing to learn from them.

    Thanks for the stimulating and educational discussion - I'm done with this thread. Other readers can judge for themselves if I've made any points or suggestions worthy of consideration and implementation. Above all else, I'm a dedicated Slysoft fan and consumer. My intention was never to badmouth the products, which are indeed superior to the competition. I was only hoping to make some helpful suggestions to do a "slow roll" on the AI implementation until it was more mature...

  10. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Again, the rip from was not accurate. Dvdfab did not handle the disc correctly until Sept 1st with I don't know how many times Drinklyeanddie and I need to explain this to you (and a couple of others here could as well).

    You can attempt to to misconstrue what actually transpired, but the fact remains there was less than a 24 hour difference between the time either company released a version that handled the disc properly. If you consider that a big deal, then so be it.

    As far as what the "average customer" does; I have no idea. But many people do check the forums for good reason.

    Because it is. And several of us here know that it is. And moreover, Slysoft developers mentioned something to me about the AI scanner. Quite frankly, you have no idea what you're talking about.

    Pathfinder has even more problems with that disc than the AI scanner.

    Anydvd and DVDfab also operate in a different manner. Some discs that require Pathfinder may not require the AI scanner and vice versa.

    No. It doesn't. Again, you are completely wrong.

    There are no "intended artifacts". And, moreover, pathfinder has even bigger issues with the disc I mentioned than the AI scanner does.

    You really don't.

    Which has no bearing on anything

    My girlfriend is a Chem grad, and she can't tell you how the AI scanner works either.

    And again, you have no idea what you're talking about. Your initial assertion is incorrect, and I told you to re-examine your earlier statement for a reason. I suggest you stop writing false information on these boards, specifically after I told you that you are wrong (and I'm talking specifically about the AI scanner). I don't know how to make this any plainer: you are mistaken. Should you continue to write your (false) pet theory in these forums, I will probably take further action. It's one thing to have a theory. It's another to be told you're wrong and continue to write about it. So consider this a warning. :policeman: The last thing I want is for people to visit these forums and start believing complete nonsense.

    No. It should be set to "default", unless you encounter a bug. And as Anydvd now handles Meet The Robinsons correctly, there's no reason to have it disabled with this disc.

    I do thank you for testing the disc, but . . .

    Thread closed.
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