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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by rferguson, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. rferguson

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    I am having the same problem I see others in this forum have experienced, namely the wasting of disks due to media write errors using CloneDVD2. I am sure that my problem is poor quality disks (much from CMC Mags). Could someone please recommend a quality maker of blank media which will not break the bank, and where to purchase them? Thank you in advance
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    You can get 8x TY's at supermediastore or Meritline for about $35 per hundred or less - and that should include shipping.
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    Media that works..

    Try Verbatim DVD +R 16X (make sure it was made in Singapore) in 100 packs for $29.99 (.30each) from've never made a coaster using this brand with CloneDVD2 & latest version of AnyDVD.
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    Thank you! Will get them today. Have enough coasters already to last several lifetimes.
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    Good Verbatim +R DLs are made in Singapore. Verbatim +Rs tend to be made made in Taiwan (by CMC or Prodisc) or India (by Moser Baer). CMC made Verbatim +Rs tend to be better, currently, than those made by Prodisc or Moser Baer/MBIL. For Verbatim +R blank media look at
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    Oh, just DL's...