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    I have a couple of questions.The first one is what is the difference in dvd+r media and dvd-r media.My computer drives and my stand alone dvd players are compatable for both types of media but is there a difference in playback quality or what is the difference?Another question is i have recently bought a HP D5160 photosmart printer wich will print on disc, But i have matte finish ty printable disc and the quality is not what i expected.My buddy has an epson printer and it is not any better.Will the final product quality be better if i buy verbatim gloss finish disc?And finaly where can i find the cheapest (real) ty or verbatim gloss disc?Thanks for any help.:bowdown:
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    I prefer +R Taiyo Yuden hub printable disc. I also use an Epson RX580 printer and can't even tell the difference between the copies and the originals. I set the printer to premium disc surface too.
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    dvd-r versis dvd+r

    What is the difference and what is the difference in verbatim datalife and theyre regular verbs?:bowdown: