Media players or bluray players model without cinavia protection

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    Seiki sounds like East Indian name. Got to love those phone calls Hindu on the phone trying to get me to allow a Windows remote connection to fix my PC........maybe the last guy who called me was named seiki:eek:
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    In case you are interested:
    It is a brand of the Chinese company "Tongfang Global, Ltd.".
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    I'm late to the party (your post)...
    Yes, it does. And with the latest (beta) firmware, it does it very well.

    And the much cheaper Dune HD Solo Lite will do it, too. It is the same as the Solo 4K but without some features nobody cares about (2.5" drive bay, TV input, Z-Wave, some wlan features).

    Even if the website says "This unit WILL NOT playback Blu-Ray ISO with full Blu-Ray menu control. This is an optional feature from Dune that will be released at a later date at an additional cost."
    This restriction is lifted with the latest (beta) firmware.

    Oh yes, it plays 3D Blu-rays beautifully, including menus. And it can shift subtitles. Not as nice as AnyDVD does (which is currently the best), but similar to an Oppo player.

    IMHO it is not a good 4k media media player. It only has an HDMI 1.4 output, which makes BT2020 & HDR output almost impossible (unless you can manually force the display to BT2020....).

    Oh, you can play original discs with AnyDVD's help over the network. If you do, you can use AnyDVD's subtitle and remastering magic. Sweet!
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    Thanks for your comments and info regarding the Solo Lite James. Dune HD has made great improvements to the firmware since the first release of the 4K Solo. When it was first released it did a horrible job of playing DVD files, but that has since been corrected. It is a pretty good player now for BD and DVD files. I don't currently have any desire to play 4K media so the 4K deficiencies are not on my radar right now.
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    True. I use the Dune only for BD testing / playback. It probably uses parts of the BD stack from Sigma Designs, so it should be pretty close to an officially licensed BD player. But I don't know, and Dune/Sigma will certainly deny it, if you ask them... :whistle:
    As a "media player" (mkvs) it is useless for me anyway, as it doesn't run Kodi. So it doesn't really matter, if it does 4K properly or not. I just wanted to note the 4K deficiencies because the name (Solo 4K) is IMHO a little misleading.
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