Media Player Replacement Options.... Your feedback experience requested.

Discussion in 'High Definition Hardware' started by CopyC@t, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. CopyC@t

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    All you ISO and Media file guru's out there I am looking for your feedback on what would be a good media player going forward to replace my ASUS O!Play.

    I have had it for a long time and have no existing issues, but I know like all tech it wont run forever. So I am looking at what will be my next purchase to fill that part of my entertainment center.

    How I use my O!Play... I strictly rip my disk's to either ISO or M2ts formats primarily, so I need something that wont be hindered by Cinevia, and will play those back. I run my output via HDMI to the TV, 1080P format and digital audio playback.

    I was looking at the KDLinks HD700 or HD720. Never had experience with the brand but it gets a lot of good reviews on Amazon, still researching. Has anyone here used these players or that brand previously and what are your thoughts if so. Seems like ASUS doesnt produce for this market now so I am going to have to go with a new company.

    Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  2. arnie920

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    Media Player Replacemen

    I am about the same way you are. I want a unit that will allow me to play my movies on my big screen tv and will allow me to bypass Cinavia and any other protection. Will this unit allow me to do this? Are there any other players that are better?

  3. Persen

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    Medi8er MED800X3D. I have two 2TB USB drives attached to it. It has has both BD-ISO + DVD-ISO support.
    I have it hooked up to my Marantz A/V receiver and then from there to my big screen Panasonic tv, works like a charm.
  4. Mike_TV

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    What is the best way for someone in the US to purchase Medi8er products?
  5. ddjmagic

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    Looking at the dealers page, Media Concept are listed as the USA dealer.
  6. Mike_TV

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    Thank you!
  7. vincez28

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    just received the MED800X3D last week. this thing is awesome. I bought it for the same reason to bypass cinavia protection on my own bluray that I own. so much more convenient as well having all ur movies at a touch of a button.(lazy I guess)
    I had alittle issues with setting up sharing on my pc as everything is streaming to it through cat5(lanline). they also have a wifi antenna if u wanna stream wireless. I bought it just incase I move it to another location where its not pratical.
  8. manixx2020

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    Nvidia shield TV is hands down the best 4K media player out there,
    Plays all types of media resolution ISO files network media files oh yea & games as well but I use it mostly for 4K movies streaming
  9. manixx2020

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    Using kodi app is great too.
    For movies & running diff builds

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  10. Mike_TV

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    Can the Nvidia Shield play a BD ISO over a network?
  11. manixx2020

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    Yes absolutely it can play ISO plus Bluray menus
    Vidon xbmc
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    Network BD ISO image.jpeg
  14. DaGoatRancher

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    I have been through a few iterations of Dune HD media players. They have all been great for me. I just received my Dune 4K Solo today and first impression is good. Just another possible option. Read up on it yourself here
  15. shoek

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    Just curious... does anyone know how Dune is able to suppress Cinavia and do full menu structures on their latest devices (eg: Dune 4K Solo) when Popcorn Hour and others have not been able to do this since the 300 series years ago?
  16. Ch3vr0n

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    That depends on when the model was released. If the model was licensed for playback before Feb 1st 2012, it simply isn't required to detect cinavia.

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  17. DaGoatRancher

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    I am not sure how they do it. They claim to ignore Cinavia in there product description. I received my 4K Solo unit yesterday. Does anyone know of any recent BD disks with Cinavia? I would like to verify they are telling the truth :sneaky:
  18. Wadjda

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  19. Glarioo

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    Son Of Saul is listed. I have this BluRay without Cinavia. It's a Region B (Cinéart) release.
    The Dune Solo 4k does not have a Cinavia "detection".
    It can do full menu, Dune apparently has there own solution to display BD menus. It should work in most cases, not all.
    More info:
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  20. DaGoatRancher

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    I definitely ripped Straight out of Compton and played it using my Dune HD 4K Solo and didn't have any issues with Cinevia. FYI