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    I just bought all available MCU titles, Some from BestBuy and the rest from Disney Movie club. have spent the last few hours backing them up. I'm about half way done and have noticed on a couple films that the HD Master audio track is labeled as 7.1 on the case, but the actual movies master audio track is 5.1. Is this common for Disney blu-rays? So far the movies in question are Captain America The Winter Soldier, and Thor The Dark World. If someone has these can you please check to see if your DTS MA track is indeed 7.1 or 5.1, Thanks.

    P.S. These are US/Canada English versions
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    Going back and looking, most titles are his way. Strange
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    So I opened each file in Mediainfo and it has 8 channels/6 channels listed for the audio tracks in question. So for whatever reason Handbrake and my Plex server has them listed as 5.1.
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    Strange thing, when I mount Thor the Dark World, the Menu plays with 7.1 audio.

    When I start the movie audio switches to 5.1.

    When I chapter forward, audio switches back to 7.1!


    EDIT: Cap America Winter Soldier plays in 7.1 throughout.

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    My receiver also shows 7.1 while playing during both films.