Maybe you should not upgrade to Vista

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by James, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. Clams

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    What about "Powerstrip" - another video reclocking utility?

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    A second computer?

    Perhaps, Hi-end gamers should seriously consider a second computer, having the necessary resources with vista pre-loaded ...AND... one of those switches that allows you to switch monitor, mouse and keyboard between computers. Keep using present XP computer in which everything probably works fine for most users; i.e. if not broken don't fix.

    M$$$ will never sell vista to me and many other people I know. It's just not worth coping with all the problems and DRM which will arise.

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    I dont think ill upgrade to vista what i have is not broke so i dont think ill try to fix it.5 Stones
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    I don't see Vista as an "upgrade" at all. :D

  5. oldjoe

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    If you feel that you really "have" to have Vista.......... I would suggest purchasing a new HDD, pull (or disconnect) your HDD with XP, install Vista on the new HDD.
    I see Vista as the next Windows Millennium.
  6. James

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  7. James

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    Powerstrip allows you to modify the refresh rate. Very useful tool in combination with ReClock (especially for ATI card users, Nvidia offers quite good adjustments within their control panel).
    But it does no ReClock replacement.... :(
  8. d.chatten

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    The thing is, a lot of people said the same things about Windows XP for the very same reasons, which by the way also contains DRM management, a hell of a lot of people also said they would never buy into Windows XP when it was first released, they also said they would never install XPSP1/2, and there was aslo complaints about DirectX issues.

    Windows XP is probably the most secure and reliable OS M$ have ever produced, when Vista has been around as long as XP and a newer M$ OS has been released, these type of discussions will start all over again, but at that time people will probably be saying that Vista is the most secure and reliable OS M$ have ever produced.

    I'm not pro M$ in any way, i just thought i would say a few things that may make people realise that this is nothing new when it comes to a new OS release.
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    You make a very valid point but Vista really has nothing new to offer like XP did. XP was actually a completely new and improved OS. Vista is basically eye candy and improvements for MS........... not the consumer.
    XP was reviewed, by the "experts", as being an improvement and functional OS.....I have yet to see a positive review, of any kind, for Vista.
  10. RedFox 1

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    Do you want to have all the eye candy of Vista and still use Windows XP? Well in this case" you can have your cake and eat it too." Do a " Google search " on "Vista Transformation Pack 6.0 Final " I am am by no means endorsing this program or will I take any responsiblity for it, but it is freeware and when installed in safe mode, ( create a restore point also) it will give you all the " eye candy of Vista and your XP OS will still be completely intact. This is my personal opinion not that of Slysoft or any other entitiy.:clap:
  11. oldjoe

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    I tried "Vista Transformation Pack 6.0 Final" a few weeks ago to have a look at it. The program was a safe download and install. It also uninstalled without any problems. It is a good software to get a look at some of the eye candy of Vista.
  12. RedFox 1

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    I really like it, I get to keep XP Pro and get all the looks and extras of Vista, I am currently using the Areo theme with the Vista Log on screens and sounds, works great looks great and I don't have to worry about upgrading until all my programs are compatible. I like it also, only 30mbs program, didn't slow down my system one bit.:clap:
  13. mmdavis

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  14. farmerdave

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    found that article very interesting. vista has two good features so far-the aero program with the ultimate version, when youhit start and tab you get all your open windows in 3d, you can flip thru them its cool, alt tab gives you a row to pick from, and there is a nice screensaver called aquarium, so make that 3--i have had to disable defender, and it is still a pain to allow and cotinue everything. also much difficulty with many programs, so you get a blocked programs start up box that you cant seem to get rid of. one other nice feature is that you can rest the mouse on the toolbar and see the actual page on your open programs. burning dvds seems to be much faster than ever before, i think. since eliminating the drag to disc box -forum had the thought for me, it seems to maybe work, will know next week when some new goodies come out. it sure is fast, only bummer is i was used to earlier versions that had the box to check for main movie and then language choi,e which made the burn quality excellente!!--probably because it does not have to compress so much. newer programs also do not tell you when to use a dual layer, they act a lot different. still getting used to them. they just jump to the whole dealie. sure is nice to have a forum to gab a bit on. seems to be some real nice techies out there that enjoy the fun of really using a computer to do things other than email. have found the new word 2007 to be a real plus to for laying out letters and reports etc, it has this new ribbon that does it all, and on top of it you can customize your own toolbar for the things you need all the time-- like quick print, new page, select all, spell check etc.. really cool. also can split pages, or size them with a zoomer, pretty cool. anyway still trying to like vista. i love xp, it was great. sorry to leave such a long note.......
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    I for one am sick and tired of my rights being taken away. I use AnyDVD and 1ClickDVD with no problems on any copying, however, Windows Media Player won't play them. Of course that hasn't stopped me, there are many other players that work just fine. I have even switched my brouser from IE to FireFox. Vista to me is like another Government takeing away my rights.:mad:
  16. d.chatten

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    I see a lot of people bashing Vista, but, how many of the Vista bashers have actually used Vista for a prolonged period of time, ie: for longer than a month or so, also how hard have they tried to get Vista working properly.

    I have been using Vista for eight months now and i can say that Vista is as stable as XP, i did have issues when i first started using Vista but now i am using the release version of Vista i don't have any real issues.

    Yes Vista has DRM, UAC, etc, but there are ways round this, XP also has DRM and a bunch of other copy protection measures so the DRM argument is slightly flawed.

    Any user, experienced or not, should have no problems with Vista if they just give it a chance and not just give up on it when they experience there first couple of problems, that is being a defeatist.

    As i have said before, i am not pro M$, i just think that a lot of people are giving Vista a hard time because they either haven't tried Vista at all, or, they haven't used Vista long enough, or, they just give up on Vista, there is also the bad press that Vista has received, but, instead of people trying Vista for them selves they choose to believe the press and bash Vista even though they haven't tried it and are not willing to give it a chance.
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    One way to Solve this problem once and for all

    I have read all the postings here in this thread, so Yes I'm aware of my 2 cents are not well seen here.

    1: Stop complaining about Vista, and buy it if You want it.

    2: Buy a Console for games. What is so important with games that cannot be archieved with a console. Or better STOP GAMING.. Get a life. Use the PC for PC stuff You know Personal Computer is for Personal Computing and not for Gaming.. Thats what a console is for

    3: Skip M$ and switch to Linux

    4: Tell Slysoft to develope Slysoft products to Linux Platform, and maybe open source.. This will make slysoft products better..

    That will solve all of Your problems.

    Yes I'm translating for Slysoft and Yes I'm doing this because I can contribute with something. But Slysoft Products are more than welcome on Linux Platform, and that's why i continue to Translate , maybe one day.....
  18. oldjoe

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    Vista is certainly a "stable" OS but it has no real advantages over XP.
    Why should a user be forced to but a separate component(i.e. Gaming Console) to play games after they have purchased, and over payed, for a PC?
    Linux is also a very stable and secure OS but it is complicated for the average user who purchases their PC at the local big box store.
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  19. Webslinger

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    :rolleyes: Console gaming will never be achieve the depth of PC gaming, not only because consoles don't use keyboard/mouse, but also because a high end pc machine will always have better specs than a console. When the PC Gamer staff fights against Official Xbox Magazine editors (previously smoking them 50 to 24 in Halo), the Xbox Magazine editors lose. Why? Because nothing is better than keyboard/mouse for shooters. In the upcoming Shadowrun, Microsoft is giving gamepad users an aim assist feature, and the Xbox Magazine editors still lost overall to the PC Gamer staff who used keyboard/mouse. Moreover, on what system can you play Neverwinter Nights 2, which allows you to create games and play others'? 'Nuff said. Console games are fun (and in some cases, exclusive titles aren't offered on the PC at all), but none offer the console player the depth to create, long complex games like NWN2 can.

    And I'll never stop PC gaming. And with Slysoft's acquisition of Game Jackal, PC Gaming just makes more sense than ever. Moreover, Slysoft developers will now have to (I would imagine) start examining the advantages DirectX 10 provides with respect to PC Gaming--and particularly, Vista with respect to Game Jackal. The best solution, in my opinion, would be for someone to offer directx 10 (or something similar) on XP, but I doubt that's going to happen.
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  20. Ronnie_dk

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    Xbox Consoles are able to attach keyboard / Mouse see link:
    So why Whine about missing Keyboards / Mice .. XBOX console is among 100 USD and kids ove them too.. Chip installed > and you have a mediacenter ( Without TV- Tuner. What the hell I don't need Tuner. ) and one GFX card is about 200 USD.. Choose Yourself....

    DirectX 10 is for people wanting the newest stuff and newest games developed especially for new Hardware.. Have You noticed the conspiracy with M$ and game developers.. > Buy it and don't complain..

    Just 2 more cents...