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    AnyDVD HD is mentioned several times in April 2008 issue of Maximum PC Mag.
    they have an article about HD DVD Video Encryption and copy protection on Blu ray and HD DVD movies. They talk about with explicit detail how AACS, HDCP Authentication process(s) work. They start the article by letting us know how how they are against any type of copy protection that impairs our fair use rights and ends with "all it takes to defeat this supposedly invincible technology is an easily obtained program: Slysoft`s AnyDVD HD(" Talk about positive publicity. Go Slysoft :rock::
    A second article about Roxio vs Nero software suites names AnyDVD the missing link and that no media suite is complete without it. They explain what AnyDVD performs, where to obtain, country of origin, 49 euros purchase price, HD DVD & Blu Ray support for 30 euros more all with free updates for life with a 21 day trial. Another article in the same magazine says that on March 31,2008, Sony will shut down its Connect Music service, in yet another sign the music biz is giving up on DRM. I hope its not to put more money toward funding another wave of copy protection or this could mean that they will follow suite and give up on future Blu Ray copy protection. Just for the pure technical information contained in the article explaining AACS cryptographic system this magazine is perfect reading for us hardcore HD DVD and Blu Ray enthusiasts. Nova935
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    I think this software has been such a good purchase. When I read that article I smiled.
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    Absolutely! And it didn't take the advent of NextGen media for me to realize that. But then again, I am old :)

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    It's a solid, well respected magazine. I have had a subscription to it for the last 6 years.

    That magazine is where I first discovered Slysoft, and it's been a lovely arrangement for me and my DVD/Cd collection the last 2 years.


    Now, you can download in .Pdf form the last 2 years worth of the magazine for free off of it's webpage (Google for the address).