Maximum bluray burn speeds now with firmware update

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    So I have the Pioneer BD-RW 2209M Bluray burner, It's maximum burn speed the burner supports is 16x. I use Verbatrim BD-R 6x 25GB blank blurays to record on with CloneBD of ripped backed up movies from Redd Fox AnyDVD HD. Before I could only burn as high as 12x write speed with CloneBD and Nero Burning ROM 2016 for bluray Verbatrim blank discs. I flashed yesterday my bluray drives firmware to the newest version and in the change log they said they support 16x write speed on 25GB blank bluray discs. I'm happy to report CloneBD and Nero Burning ROM 2016, both softwares newest updated versions burn at 16x write speed to Veratrim BD-R 25GB bluray discs. I've had no problems with these discs with playing a bluray movie.

    So everybody check your bluray burners firmware and see if it's up to date. 4x faster then my old 12x write speeds. Love it!
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    Wrong section, moved. Not a CloneBD issue. Once burning starts, CloneBD has no control over the (speed) process.
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    I never burn faster than the rated speed of the discs, it makes the burn prone to more failures along with the discs tending to decay quicker
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    I'd be curious to know what was the previous firmware you were using. I ask because the changelog for 1.34 only shows DVD improvements.

    Pionner BDR-2209/BDR-209M/BDR-209EBK/BDR-209UBK [ID60] firmware changelogs (

    The Blu-ray improvements came in 1.20, 1.30, and 1.33:

    Thanks for the notification about the firmware update, however. I wasn't aware that 1.34 was out.
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