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    Good day,

    As I understand it, all one must do is install AnyDVD and the disk should be readable by your ripper of choice, like DVDFab. Please forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I catch on quick.

    I have downloaded and installed the AnyDVD on the trial basis and it does not seem to work, at least for this disk. When I boot, I have the AnyDVD icon on the desktop but it does not do anything except ask me to either purchase a license or request a trial license. Is there anything else that I need to do to make it work? I have attached the log file if that will help.

    Grazie mille

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    I should have elaborated a bit. I put the blu ray in the drive and close it. The disk starts to spin but nothing ever shows up. I cannot browse it, nor can dvdfab read it.
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    That's not a logfile, that's a system info file. A logfile requires a disc inside the drive. There's no magic to making anydvd work. Install, insert disc, watch it work in the background

    It's been a long time since I had a trial, but I do believe the current trial does 'popup' that 'try or register' window every time on boot. Normal behavior

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    You need to request a trial license or anydvd will not work
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    I requested the trial license and now I get the window that looks like what the web site has. However, I still have the same problem.
    The movie title is Mary Queen of Scots and as far as I can tell, it is American
    The barcode is 1 91329 07259 2
    The link to it on Amazon is:
    I'm trying to be able to read it on my PC so I can use any ripper to convert it to a MKV file. So far, I'm unsuccessful. I have AnyDVD set to start with the computer and it shows up in the system tray. I have not changed any settings from the default. The only thing that AnyDVD shows is that "No Disc is present in Drive D"!" File explorer shows this as well and no other piece of software that I have can read the disc to rip it. I have attached a newly generated log file.

    Is there a preferred drive that I should use? This one is kind of old, 4 years. It is a LG CP50NS20 if that helps.

    I appreciate any and all advice. Thank you

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    From the description, your drive should be fine, but either the drive is broken or the disc is bad:

    0.25s: unit ready failed, sense 2:30:0 // **** INCOMPATIBLE MEDIUM INSTALLED what it says (that's a message coming from the drive).
    You seem to be running from inside a VMWare guest - virtualized drives can sometimes be incompatible with Blu-ray discs, but VMWare usually is fine and also in this specific case, I'm 95% sure, that it's really the drive that doesn't like the disc.
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    I have another drive I can try. This is the same drive I've used for a bunch of other movies. Maybe it went bad. Thanks for the assist!

    What would be the best drive to use if you had to replace a drive?

    What are you using to read the log? I can get to the sysinfo and AnyDVD_log text files but I cannot read the other two files.

    Thanks again
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    Specialized tools only available to them

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