Many sector read errors

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Dale Hamilton, Aug 27, 2021.

  1. Dale Hamilton

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    In trying to CloneBD " Snowden" and "Life on the Line" I can not produce a mp4 file due toe sector error, sector read error and data corrupt errors. I can play the Blu-ray in the the same drives (2) with Powerdvd 21. anydvd does not detect bad sector encryption. I could not find a similar error in the forum but only spent 40 minutes trying.

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  2. kufo

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    Did you try this directly from the disc with AnyDVD running in background?
    You could try to make a backup first (ISO) and than try again. If disc plays fine on the same drive an other program could cause this running at the same time. I would suggest to backup disc first and try again. If you get errors here you should take a look at your settings in AnyDVD. May be the drive is deactivated in AnyDVD for playback with PowerDVD 21.
    Both titeles are supported in AnyDVD for years I think. So the culprit can not be a new copy protection.
  3. James

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    No. Unless the user decides to turn off/on AnyDVD. (Very bad idea, btw.)
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  4. kufo

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    You are right James.I did not explain th that more specific cause the effect would be same. (Turn of by user or by software - if possible)
    Btw really a very bad idea to turn it of.
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  5. Dale Hamilton

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    Thanks for the input.
    Yes I ran CloneDB by selecting the disk filling in the requested data and pressing process.
    I am not able to make an ISO image due to read errors.
    The drive is not deactivated.
    No programs are exempted from AnyDVD.
  6. Balor

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    Original discs are pressed and not burnt.
    There are also bad pressings of original discs.
    The first measure is always to clean the disc, clean it and clean it again!
    The second measure is to reduce the reading speed with AnyDVD, i.e. read as slowly as possible!
    Third measure is to use another friendly drive. Even with friendly drives there are different error tolerances.
  7. Tanquen

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    "The second measure is to reduce the reading speed with AnyDVD, i.e. read as slowly as possible!"
    Where is this setting?

    I have three drives and I just had an issue with a disc and it has the same read errors on all three drives. So far I have not had a disc be readable by one and not the others.

    Most of the time if I use PowerDVD or VLC they will skip the bad spots with little pauses or corruptions in audio and or video. This one gets stuck unless I skip the chapter or section before the player gets there.

    I'm guessing it can't easily be done but I wish AnyDVD rip to image or CloneBD could just skip the bad block and finish. I'd rather have a few one or two second skips then buy another disc.

    I often wonder where the bad spot is on the disc and wish I could map it out or something and try cleaning and maybe even polishing the spot. Would most likely not help but anyway.
  8. coopervid

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    Use DDrescue or DVDisaster. You guys should not use cheap discs or LG / ASUS drives to burn those. Pioneer is far better and good discs are mandatory.
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