Answers to questions about my probs with AnyDVD

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by Webslinger, Mar 9, 2007.

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    1. It's imperative that if you do have a virus you remove it.

    2. You do need to download from
    and reboot when asked

    When moving your posts to this forum, I accidentally deleted my posts and yours, but I managed to salvage the quoted part, which should be sufficient for troubleshooting purposes. My apologies . . .
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  2. oldjoe

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    I would suggest.......Get rid of McAfee and try AVG Free. If you have a Virus, AVG will find it. Try another DVD burning software and stay away from any burning software that has an X in it.
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    mcAfee does not find a virus. One of the techs just told me I probably had a virus. It has never found one so how can I get rid of one? Also, the only reason I didn't reboot when I was answering your question was because I only wanted to get the message from AnyDVD so I could tell you what it said. Of course McAfee said they don't do anything about 3 party download. I'm beginning to think I will never have my program back in working order. Have never had problems downloading anything from SlySoft before. It's very discouraging.
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    Dvd X

    I only use it if I have a problem with CloneDVD2 - which is rare.
    What is AVG and how do I find it? Thanks for the suggestion.
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    I uninstalled McFee and installed AVG and did a scan. It didn't find anything. When I reinstalled AnyDvd and rebooted, an error message - this time from ANyDVD - came up and told me to run a scan in reinstall the program. I don't think there is any help for me. I've scanned and reinstalled so many times I'm dizzy. All with the same results.
    Thanks for the suggestion.
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    I've done everything recommended and nothing works. I really want AnyDVD and now I can't even use an old version as after the corrupted file message comes up, the whole program is shut down an removed except for the exe file. Do you think the part of Shrink DVD that is a folder called Classic_0.91.7 and/or the DVD Decrypter that I downloaded a couple of days ago would have anything to do with? The problem is, I downloaded and installed them after I couldn't install the latest AnyDVD version. I'm wearing out.
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  8. Webslinger

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    If you have a virus on your system, anything is possible.

    To uninstall Anydvd click start-->all programs--slysoft--Anydvd-->uninstall

    The download the file from

    Run the file. Reboot.

    After rebooting if you get an error message, I would like to read the full error message please.
  9. waxman

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    This sounds like the same problem many people have, and since there is no true uninstall and no "official" AnyDvd cleaner program you are pretty much hosed. Sounds like you don't have a virus, and there is nothing wrong with McAfee, I use the corp version on all my machines and never have a problem. There is another thread on this exact thing that is about 8 pages worth and still no help to that person there. Bout the only option I have seen since there is no true remover is to format your system and start over, which, IMHO, is not an option. :disagree:
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    Rebooting after installing AnyDVD

    First, a message comes up from AnyDVD and says:
    1. You don't have a DVD drive. Buy one. (I do)
    2. You haven't rebooted after installation. (I have)
    3. External DVD is not powered or properly connected. (It has always worked and still does with CloneDVD2 and DVD X Platinum - which I rarely use.) All tests show both DVD drives are working. Have used them w/o AnyDVD.
    4. There is a problem initializing AnyDVD. Uninstall. Reboot. Install. Reboot. (Believe me this does not work)
    Then an another error message comes up from AnyDVD saying "the file(s) is corrupted. Run scan and reinstall." I must tell you that I unstalled McAfee because I was sure they were the culprit but after installing AVG and still getting the scan message and finding no problems after the scan, I'm totally in a daze.
    I did reinstall the original controllers as installing the Standard Dual whatever (can't read my writing for the last word) didn't seem to help.
    I'd still like to know if choosing not to save the register information when uninstalling AnyDvd - which I have done a minimum of 10 times as well as the same amount of scans - would make a difference.
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    MMMMMMMM butter......:bowdown: :bowdown: :agree:
  12. Webslinger

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    No, that shouldn't matter
  13. Webslinger

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    I am only aware of one other, and I'm not sure this is the same issue.
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    Oh no, as CloneDVD2 says

    I was started to believe there was no solution even before I read your post.
    I really like that program and have downloaded so many times with no problems. Thanks for your input, Waxman. Hope it doesn't get too big.
  15. Webslinger

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    This can be expected if you don't reboot. You can pretty much ignore that screen (it's not useful for troubleshooting your issue).

    You get this message after you reboot, correct?
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    I did send the message that I got from AnyDVD. I see it right below your message. If I'm replying in the wrong place, please excuse. I'm still pretty green in figuring out how to use this forum.
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    Right. Did you uninstall Anydvd by using
    start-->all programs--slysoft--Anydvd-->uninstall
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    No! I get both messages after rebooting. Some times the one about the DVd driver sneaks in and disappears but it comes back after rebooting.
  19. Webslinger

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    Message about a dvd driver? What message is that?
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    Yes - everytime.