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May 23, 2016
Redfox makes malware!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought I made an update to my perfectly working AnyDVD from Slysoft but that turned out to be malware. Redfox simply deleted my software and replaced it with their own shit!
Redfox claims it has nothing to do with Slysoft. Then why do the delete something not connected to them!
I'm really pissed!
Oh for God's sake. (I finally stopped laughing long enough to answer this)
Just reinstall version and be done with it.
If you neglected to save it, get it HERE
YOU are the one that manually downloaded and installed the new version - it does not "auto-install".
And the download page is covered in warnings that and above need a Redfox license.
But of course you knew that. (nice try)

PS to mods. This one is so far out there it fails the smell test - big time.
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Nope, I didn't knew that. It said it was an update to AnyDVD and it wasn't!
I made dozens of updates so I never read the text. An update is an update. Not a new program!
Anyway you'll never hear from me again.
Wrong section. The AnyDVD section is reserved for disk problems.

Redfox does NOT make malware and i will not tolerate anyone saying it does. There have been numerous news articles, messages and warnings, INCLUDING ONE ON THE DOWNLOAD PAGE WHERE YOU GOT that that version would require a new redfox license. It is NOT redfox's fault YOU don't read the warning on the download page.

It was an update to AnyDVD, one to make it work with the changes from slysoft to redfox. YOU didn't read, YOU installed it over the topic without reading. You are the only one to blame here. But considering you said we'll never hear from you again. This topic can be

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