Making Virtual Clone Drive Work with Vista Home Premium

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    These notes are for installing Virtual Clone Drive (VCD) on Vista Home Premium (HP).

    The post below by Faria was helpful in my quest but it was not my exact solution. Not sure what the differences in our experience stem from.

    I could get VCD to work immediately after installation but upon restarting my PC I would blue screen during the Windows load sequence. I had to go back to the pre-VCD restore point to start the machine. After experiencing the blue screen of death (bsod) I went through an extensive process of elimination (XP compatibility mode, removing or disabling potentially conflicting HW, SW, etc.) to arrive at the solution below. My results appear durable and so I hope this post will save some other Vista users a lot of time. I wouldn't mind hearing from you 64-bit Vista guys if this solves some of the other problems I've read about on this forum.

    Other Slysoft and Elaborate Bytes software that I have installed:
    AnyDVD 21-day eval version
    CloneDVD2 21-day eval version
    Yes, after a week of trying them out in a number of use cases I'm duly impressed and will be buying them. :)

    My Vista HP was factory installed, i.e. not upgraded from Windows XP.

    I used the VCD dowload from

    If you are using Vista's UAC (User Account Control) then log in as the Admin Account. A non-admin account can not make the changes described below, not even by entering the admin password. (If your userid has full admin rights or there is only one user defined on your Vista machine then you don't have to worry about UAC.)

    1. Install VCD and use all the defaults.
    2. Do *NOT* restart your machine after completing the install.
    3. Open Device Manager (under Control Panel).
    4. Under Actions (top menu bar) select "Scan for New Hardware".
    5. In the list of devices open "Storage Controller".
    6. Right click Virtual CloneDrive.
    7. Click on Update Driver.
    8. Choose "Scan Computer" and browse C:\Windows\System32 making sure the "include subfolders" option is selected.
    9. The drive will be found and loaded.
    10. Exit Device Manager and Control Panel.
    --You are done--

    You will note that in the Device Manager, VCD shows up under both the DVD/CD-Rom Drives and the Storage Controllers. My guess is that during installation the VCD driver is only getting associated with the DVD/CD-ROM instance and not the Storage Controller instance of VCD.

    I was able to restart several times with no further blue screens leading me to believe I have a durable solution. I'll post again if other problems develop.

    Regarding the differences with Faria's post. I do not have an "Other" category of devices listed in Device Manager. So when I first tried the steps listed in Faria's post I found only my VCD in the DVD/CD-ROM Drives category and the driver was already installed. So I went off and tested for other conflicts. A post in the Microsoft KB thoroughly unrelated to VCD led me to the "Scan for New Hardware" step and this revealed the VCD entry in the Storage Controllers category.