Making Multiple Copies With Clonedvd2


I gave a cursory look thru the forum and didnt see anything that immediately jumped out at me regarding this question. If I missed it, sorry. How do I make a 2nd or 3rd copy of a movie that has been ripped by the current version of AnyDVD then run through CloneDVD2? I think it has something to do with initially ripping it as an ISO file? Once the file is ripped does one just back space back to the beginning of CloneDVD2 and then burn it from there, somehow? Right now when I know I want to make more than one copy I rip it in AnyDVD then CloneDVD making it an ISO file to my desktop. From there I burn 1 or more copies using my Roxio. Seems to work fine, but I understand CloneDVD can do it all for me and I can possibly save a few steps. Any suggestions on what must be a rather simple answer would be appreciated.


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You just click ok when 1st disc is done and put another blank in and click write. You cannot select how many you want though.