Making iso file from files on hard drive

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    How do u make an iso file with the bd already on your hard drive I have blu-ray files not HD......
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  2. hotdog453

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    Guide (for DVDs, but similar process with BR/HD-DVDs):

    Just be sure to select the "root" folder correctly. IE, for "Million Dollar Baby", the folder you want as root is called "MILLION_DOLLAR_BABY_HDDVD", this will make it so it "looks" like the original HD-DVD.
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    maybe some one can help me. i was trying to see if it was possible to make a backup of an hd movie and put it on mutiple dvds that could play back, I can make an iso of the whole disk and than i managed to split the iso into sizes to fit on a dvd using a file splitter, i can mount the split iso images with daemon tools but it wont play or i should say it starts and than stops, i know it was a long shot, but i wanted to know why the image wont play when its split even though i can mount it
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    So you basically like... used Winzip to split the ISO after creating it, into 4.6GB/8GB chunks (depending on the DVD size), and now want to replay them seamlessly?

    I highly doubt that is possible. You can't go and just split files like that; inside of the ISO, as I'm sure you noticed, are files... so if you just randomly split a file in half, and try to play it, it isn't going to work.
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    i used something like this, i knew it was a long shot, i wanted to see if i made an image and some how burned it to a few dvds if it would play, funny thing is my toshiba did recognize it as an hd dvd but than it gave me an error code