Making Backup CD of OOP NAVTEQ DX 2011 Navigation CD-ROMs

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    Hi all,

    Has anyone been able to successfully make a backup disc of a NAVTEQ (who has since been bought out by another company) DX navigation maps? The maps in question are for North America and have been out-of-production for many years. I happen to have a set that covers that United States and Canada, and they are still useful and are still used for some trips I take. They are of course the original pressed CDs, and were the last maps created for the DX navigation system in America although they are still common in other countries. I have a legitimate reason to need to make a backup of at least one of these discs, which is the one in my area that I am most likely to use. They are unavailable from the dealer, and I saw a complete set of them, exactly matching my library of them, on eBay for $999.00 USD recently. I am not sure who would pay $1k USD for 2011 Maps, but removing the integration the navigation head unit provides (phone, CD changer control, fiber optic ring, amplifier, etc.) is not something I want to do as I would like to keep the car in original condition. Where the navigation may fall short due to new roads and routes I can resort to my smartphone, however I don't like the idea that a slight accident with the CD-ROM could render the entire system useless. These were used by vehicles utilizing the Bosch Navigation head unit until around 2003 in America. I have tried Verbatim CD-R discs written at the slowest speed, and the head unit rejects them. Presets include Copy Protected Game CD using an external LG BD-RW writer. Should I see if an older Plextor SCSI 4/8/20 would perhaps fair better?

    Thank you
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    I haven't used CloneCD for ages, so i can only give some hints.
    - As far as i remember those Navteq CDs use weak sectors similar to the Safedisc copy protection
    - some of the old Plextor SCSI burners are among the best burners for weak sectors
    - the CopyProtected Game CD backups rely on CloneCD to be installed to work. Better look for some custom Safedisc profiles that don't use emulation, but only enhancement of weak sectors - or depending on the capability of your burner no enhancement at all.
    - usually low burn speeds are better for weak sectors, but if you use recent blanks also try 8x or 16x burn speed