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    I'm new to ripping DVDs, and have some basic questions. I'm ripping ISO images to an Infrant NAS, and playing these ISO images using TVIX 4100 boxes in their 1080p mode.

    1. Is there a best possible strategy for ripping the highest possible image quality while reducing the overall size (ie choice of format, software).

    2. SlySoft strongly recommends using CloneDVD to rip DVDs rather than AnyDVD's own ripper. What is the best configuration to use to get the smallest possible ISO rip without loss of quality with this package?

    3. Why discourage using AnyDVD's own ripper? It seems simple and reliable.

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    You can't. If you compress you will lose quality. Transcoders are worse than encoders in terms of ensuring quality. Encoders are slower than transcoders. Clonedvd uses a transcoder. And no matter what, when you compress, you will lose quality. That's why I never compress anymore.

    Anydvd's ripper is slower and can't remove unwanted material (before ripping).

    DVD rebuilder with Procoder (extremely expensive option . . . but you did say "best") . . . of course, you're going to be waiting forever to compress, and you will need to spend a lot of money

    There are freeware encoders as well; one in particular does a very good job, but again, it takes much longer to encode than it does to transcode. The tradeoff is picture quality. And no matter what, when you compress, you will lose quality.
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