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Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by coopervid, May 17, 2020.

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    Wrong section. Moved from the blu-ray section to third party products.

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    Minor "issue", thanks for bringing this to the attention of the users though. Pretty sure @SamuriHL might be interested in this :)
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    He knows ....
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    Yea, I'm aware of this development. I tested the hell out of it last night. It's fast. REALLY fast. But it requires sacrificing UHD friendly compatibility if you want it to work for UHD, so for AnyDVD users, it's not super useful and relevant. Mostly. There is a use case where AnyDVD users could benefit and since this IS the Redfox forum, I'll post it here for those that are interested.

    This will only work with an official drive firmware such as the NS60 MK or 1.00 original firmware. Yes, it can be flashed to any of the 1959 chipset drives including the ASUS BW-16D1HT. It won't make them "official" drives in that they would work with AACS 2.x as they lack the requisite hardware, but, they will enable UHD rip lock compatibility with LibreDrive.

    So how does that benefit AnyDVD users given that you'd then be giving up UHD friendly compatibility which AnyDVD relies upon?? Try this method:

    1) Open a disc with MakeMKV and scan the disc (get to the list of titlesets for the disc)...just opening MakeMKV is NOT sufficient. The disc must be opened.
    2) Exit MakeMKV (or leave it open)

    IMPORTANT NOTE: *DO NOT* eject the disc at this point or this WILL NOT WORK

    3) Open ImgBurn
    4) Read disc to ISO image

    This will be read at the rip lock speeds possible for the official drive firmware and will create a protected ISO image. That image can then be mounted with Virtual CloneDrive and used with AnyDVD as any physical disc would be. I do this all the time. Works great.
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    Why not read to folder with Makemkv? The step with ISO and Imgburn will only make sense for unsupported discs. And then why not ripping wit AnyDVD keeping protection?
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    Reading to folder wont' allow you to utilize AnyDVD. By ripping to protected ISO, mounting that with Virtual CloneDrive allows you to utilize all of AnyDVD's real time goodness. One of the areas that MakeMKV falls short vs AnyDVD is when it comes to screen pass protection. MakeMKV can't remove that in a folder backup. Ripping to ISO, however, allows AnyDVD to deal with any protections that MakeMKV can't.

    AnyDVD doesn't support official drives (or unofficial drives flashed with official firmware). So it's unable to rip to protected ISO on such drives. I'm sure this answer will create confusion. "How can ImgBurn read a protected ISO then?" Because LibreDrive disables the drive's ability to bus encrypt the data being transferred to the PC. Which if AnyDVD knew that was the case for a disc that's loaded, it'd be able to utilize that, but, it doesn't and the drive still reports as supporting bus encryption so anything expecting bus encryption to be in place (like AnyDVD because it must remove it to create a protected ISO or PowerDVD) will try to decrypt it and fail because it's not bus encrypted. ImgBurn couldn't care less. It'll create a bus encrypted image if you don't disable it with LibreDrive which is then completely useless. By scanning the disc with MakeMKV before making the ImgBurn image, it enables LibreDrive in the drive's memory, disabling bus encryption, and allowing you to make a protected ISO.
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    Sounds complicated but I guess it's complicated :sneaky:. Anyway we take all measures to kill any type of encryption.
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    My method is very simple. I run a command line script that scans all my drives on my HTPC for the presence of a disc and enables LibreDrive if it finds one. Then it kicks off a command line ImgBurn operation to create the protected ISO. Once that ISO is created, I have so many options at that point. I can use MakeMKV. I can use AnyDVD. I can use flying monkeys. Unless it's a Dolby Vision title, I always use CloneBD to make an MKV of the title. I have a different process for Dolby Vision. The point is, the protected ISO gives me far more options than a simple rip to folder. And now that I can rip a 66 gig protected ISO in 27 minutes, I'm quite pleased.
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    Oh yes!!! This is wonderful news. I would not have known if this was not linked because I seldom visit the MakeMKV forums.
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    I wasn't aware either - that's really interesting. Yes especially Screenpass is where you need Anydvd, makemkv can't handle it, so ripping to iso is the way. This could really save a lot of time.
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    It does. I'm reripping all my Dolby vision titles to mkv right now and the speed gains on the ns60 drive is impressive. But I use my script to create a protected iso to then use with anydvd most of the time. A typical 2 layer uhd takes about 20 to 25 minutes with the drive set to wide open. I've been having to tweak the max speed a little bit with this mkv ripping exercise, but it's still damn fast.

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