Make CloneDVDMobile more like AutoGK

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    I like AutoGK (and Gordian Knot too :)). I admit that. I prefer to rip to AVI with AutoGK than CloneDVDMobile. However, I do use CloneDVDMobile to create VOB files for processing with AutoGK. I guess what I am saying is why not make the part of CloneDVDMobile that concerns with ripping to DivX a 2 stage process that is more similar to that of AutoGK?

    If you do then I will be very grateful :bowdown:
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    Can I put in a Me Too here?

    I'd like to transfer most of my DVDs to Xvid so that I can put them on a single drive in a standalone Mvix box, but autoGK doesn't have the nice preview abilitites for selecting streams.

    The description mentions the ability to transcode using Xvid, but unless there are some double secret options, you can't. A sample rip using CDM and AutoGK to the same (approximate) file size produced a CDM file that seemed to have been sharpened, resulting in more jaggies and artifacting than the AutoGK file. An "advanced user" interface would be nice.

    It's pretty sad when I can download a rip off the internet that looks better than the one I can do at home from my own discs.

    Edit - while I'm at it, can we get batch processing, too? I've already ripped a mess of my discs, and it'd be nice not to have to babysit the computer.
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