Madvr / mpchc version reclock?

Discussion in 'ReClock' started by box4m, Jun 13, 2019.

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    So im in need to update madvr to get HDR settings etc to work.
    What version of madvr/mpchc should i install so that reclock still works?
    Im asking for compability

    Thank you
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    Go with MPC-BE, it's receiving updates where MPC-HC isn't.
    Install MPC-BE first, then the filters.
    MPC-HC comes with LAV filters, but you still have to install the new ones as the ones that come with it are out of date.

    It's also a good idea to install Windows Direct X and this redistributable package from Microsoft _ install these first before MPC-BE, install the 32 and 65 bit version, but use the the 64 bit version of MPC-BE

    I'm also assuming that your using re-clock becasue your display doesn't support 25Hz refresh rate, if it does, then you may not need re-clock.
    You mentioned HDR, what video card are you using ?
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    You mean "MPC-BE comes with LAV filters, but you still have to install the new ones as the ones that come with it are out of date." ? so im understanding correctly :)

    DirectX already comes with Windows doesnt it? If not, in what way does those packages help?

    Im using reclock to realtime speedup 24fps content to 25fps, cause i think its alot less studdery then 24p. Ive recently learned a good way to remux the 24p films to 25p tho including sound/video/subtitles without qualityloss so i might just do that to all movies. But if not ive been using reclock for years for doing that. Now im soon getting a crazy good quality 4k OLED though so i have to hop on the HDR train :p

    Im using NVIDIA 1070 video card, thats supposed to support HDR and the bandwidth needed with a good HDMI cable.

    Thanks supermuch for answering this thread!
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    MPC-BE doesn't come with LAV filters, so you will have to install them to get UHD discs to work.
    Once they're installed, you have to go into the external filter window with in MPC-BE and enable them and set priority.

    MPC-HC has them already installed, but they are out dated, so if you have to install them anyway, so just use MPC-BE
    MPC-BE also has it's own virtual drive that works well too.

    Direct X does come already installed AFAIK, but I installed it anyway, and it automatically updated it as well.

    Set everything all up with out re-clock and see if things to work well with out it.
    You want to match the refresh rate of your display to your discs, you can physically do that in the NVIDIA control panel or set up custom refresh rates in MadVR.

    And studdery is a general term, do you mean you have jerky video because of dropped frames or do you mean motion judder due to low frame rate ?

    Consider a stand-alone UHD player like a Panasonic for HDR and UHD discs _ a lot less labour setting things up, it's almst plug and play.
    MadVR and HTPC's are quite high maintenance with a learning curve.
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    Im sorry im more noob then that, since this shit has been working for years i havent really dug into it, what LAV filters do i need?
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    All of them, there are 3.
    Video, Audio and Splitter for subtitles, another will show up in the list once they are registered, so four altogether.
    Make sure and use the full install package.

    Go to first link in post 6, lots of help there too.
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    this link, does each release contain all 3 filters?
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