Macrovision Security Driver needs to be cracked


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Jan 28, 2007
OK Slysoft, I gave you the info and you told me to check out your Forum site. I did and it's not there on how to get around the Macrovision security that is on the software cd "ROSETTA STONE". My challenge to you is to get around this one.
It's the best I've seen. :doh: :doh:
i thought anydvd was for removing protection on audio CD's/video DVD's,NOT software CD's.maybe i've got it wrong?
Yepper your right

I'd like to see the technology extended to software programs as well. Wouldn't you? Come on Slysoft, you can do it!!!:agree: :agree:
Actually, the problem is not with the Rosetta Stone application, it is with the language data CDs. They might be quite similar to audio CD encryption...
That didn't do it. The Rosetta Application still gives the message: "Place the proper CD in the CD drive."