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    Here is an extended guide from the German thread "M9702 und das fachsimpeln darüber" for group ordering of the M9702 in the Spanish AVPasion forum. It was a little bit outdated and not complete. The most important thing: It was in German only.

    easy77 recently ordered there and I "assisted" her a bit. We both noticed that there are some tripping hazards that were not described. I had ordered and received my M9702 through that forum in October 2019.

    UPDATE 11.06.2020 : Contact info and payment values updated
    UPDATE 28.06.2020: Obviously now you have to pay $31 (or any other country specific value) to be accepted in the group.Previously the group had been cloesd first before any payments had to be made.

    If someone is considering the possibility to buy the M9702 in the Spanish forum, since it only costs USD 300 (280 €) there, then proceed as follows:

    Install an online translator in the browser, e.g. IMTranslator in Firefox. With this you can simply highlight the Spanish text using your mouse, a small speech bubble is then displayed and the text is translated when you click on the speech bubble.

    1. Join the AVPasion forum here


    2.Go to the thread for the purchasing group


    3. Write a new post in which you express your interest.

    If you want to say it in Spanish, it means: "Hola a todos. Interesting and apuntarme a la próxima compra conjunta del M9702".

    English is also OK: “I'd like to order a M9702. Please add me to group # xx.”

    4. Then send a private message to "Tocinillo" (here:


    with this information (nick / nickname in the forum, name, address, e- Mail, phone) as follows (replace the dummy information for your real data):

    Nick: myNewNickinAvPasion
    Name: John Smith
    Address: 12121 Sample city, Sample street 01 (GERMANY)
    Email: myemail@gmail.com
    Mobile phone: +49 151 112233.4

    It is necessary to first check whether your address is a "remote area".
    To do this, open this link


    and fill in this info:

    De (left side of the screen) Ciudad: HONGKONG Para (right side of the screen) Poblacion: Paris (replace for your city) Código Post code: 75001 (your post code)
    Click on "Buscar" and check at the bottom of the screen.
    If you see something that says "Remote", you have to change your delivery address because the delivery cannot be made to remote locations (e.g. North Sea islands).

    5. Wait until the shared purchase is complete (read the purchasing thread every day and check the status of your purchase group on page 1). There is no separate email or PM when the group is closed !!! The payment information is now under the closed group on page 1.

    The values for specific countries have changed. Some countries have to pay more. Check on page one of the forum!!

    Spanish / Español:

    In PayPal ir a enviar y solicitar dinero -> Pagar un artículo o servicio

    Cantidad: $ 31 (importante, pagad en dólares)

    PayPal del vendedor: 550522208@qq.com

    In añadir una nota ponemos:

    M9702 V3 player Spanish AVPasion Order N9

    Una vez hecho repetiremos el proceso haciendo un segundo pago de 269 $ (importante, pagad en dólares). The esta forma, si lo para aduanas, podremos demostrar que habéis hecho un pago de 31 $ (el valor declarado) al vendedor.

    English / Ingles:

    In PayPal go to Send and request money -> Pay for an item or service

    Amount: $ 31 (important, pay in dollars)

    Seller's PayPal: 550522208@qq.com

    In add a note, please, add:

    M9702 V3 Spanish AVPasion player Order N9

    Once done you repeat the process by making a second payment of $ 269 (important, pay in dollars). With this, if the package will be retained by customs, you can show you had made a payment of $ 31 (the declared value) to the seller.

    Since recently 2 payments have to be made in PAYPAL for customs reasons, because the seller refers to the $ 31 payment in customs value.

    Before paying with PAYPAL, an important note for the next step. No files / images can be uploaded to this forum !!!! So you need an image database from which you can create links to images. You have to take screenshots of them after the payment and send the 2 links of the pictures of the 2 PAYPAL payments in a PM to Tocinillo as proof of the payment made.

    This picture database is recommended in the forum or is standard:


    6. Paying is very easy, it is paid with PAYPAL and not the option for "friends and family" (who has no charge), it will be with the commercial option.
    Then enter the note for the 2 payments:

    M9702 V3 player Spanish AVPasion Order N xx

    7. Take a screenshot of the payments and send them to your account at https://imgbb.com/
    upload. Send the two links of these screenshots in a PN to Tocinillo.

    Please visit the forum daily, because if there are any problems with the seller in China, such as wrong postal code, then it will be published in the forum and you have to react.

    8. After everyone in the group has paid, you will have your "Chinoppo" (Spanish nickname for this device) in 4-7 business days (less than 2 weeks).

    In many countries, you receive an announcement of the delivery by DHL via SMS. That doesn't seem to be the case in Germany. I have never seen a single German customer write that he received this.

    Good luck! You might now be less hesitant to order through this option. I will be happy to help if you have any issues.
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