m2ts Playback Time Incorrect?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by Kartman, Nov 29, 2007.

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    I've sucessfully ripped a m2ts file from a BD title that I own with the intention of converting it to a lower res version for "disposable" playback for the kids.

    The original video clip is 7min10sec in length but if I take the m2ts file that AnyDVD lifted and drop it into PowerDVD Ultra, it shows a playback length of 10min47sec.

    Finally, I converted and downsized it via MeGUI and found that it played correctly to approximately the original time index then looped back to a mid point and continued to the end. No specific errors to report...

    Any ideas?
  2. MickJT

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    Does seem a bit strange. You could trim the file in VirtualDub.

    I convert m2ts files by installing Haali (Matroska) Media Splitter, and using an AVISynth script (included with Jake Lundington's VirtualDub package) to load the m2ts into VirtualDub.

    On a further unrelated note. If you want to simply crop the black bars off the top and bottom of the 1920x1088 file, you'll have to save a project and edit it in WordPad because even on a 22" monitor at 1680x1050, the gadgets you need to modify are not visible in the GUI. If you want to resize to 1280x720 (x/y divisible by 16 whereas 1080 is not), then first crop off the last 8 lines off the bottom (not top/bottom) of the video before you resize to 1280x720, to retain the correct aspect ratio, not that you'd even notice the difference anyway.

    The last 8 lines of the 1920x1088 video are simply junk or black lines which the player crops off. It's done this way because the macroblocks are 16x16 pixels, and to have the width and height divisible by 16 makes the encoding process more efficient.