Lucky Number Sleven ISO does not play (resolved)

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  1. thefrog

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    AnyDVD detects the BD and I am able to rip to ISO successfully. However, multiple players do not play the ISO.

    Attached logfile in order to help with debugging.

    I hope I have met all the posting requirements.

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Define 'multiple players'.

    If you're able to rip and the rip plays for in something like PowerDVD (mounted iso or directly), then AnyDVD did its job and it's a player problem

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  3. thefrog

    thefrog Active Member

    Multiple Players:
    Kodi 17.3 on FireTV (i could attempt to get a log from Kodi's player -- i have done this before)

    I totally accept it could be a player problem. I will try it as ISO mounted and ISO directly on VNC. I have been using AnyDVD-HD for years and rarely have similar problems (usually an update fixes an issue)
    Will attempt to get a logfile from a player.

    [Edit: Just to make sure, I played the BD on a PS3 to make sure it actually played ]
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  4. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    That's purely a player problem. Not an AnyDVD one, the chance of such an old title having screenpass is close to none.

    You could see what the main playlist is with something like bdinfo and feed that into the players.

    Neither of your players are licensed BD players so playback problems are not uncommon.

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  5. thefrog

    thefrog Active Member

    BD is Retail (amazon), Manufactured in 2008 (according to listing) and purchased as new. Kodi displays there being a single longish title of the correct length (for the movie) [Title: 0 with 19 chapters and 01:49:55] the other 16 are there, but less than 20 min.

    I do not think it is ScreenPass as it doesn't take forever and a day to bring that up and there are not 100's of titles listed.
  6. thefrog

    thefrog Active Member

    I do not have any licensed software to play BD or DVD ISOs. I will experiment with some tools this weekend. I've done 100+ ISOs in the last 30 days (clearing a backlog) and only have 3 BDs that give me a problem. (Lucky Number Slevin, Despicable Me 3, and Olive Signature's "The Quiet Man")

    I'll rip an encrypted and an unencrypted Slevin tomorrow and check to see if I have an OEM PowerDVD that came with my drive.


    P.S. The PAL DVD's drove me nuts and required transcoding to make playable.
  7. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    "do not play the ISO" - you didn't mention in what way (could be black screen, player crashes, error message, anything that would help us get a picture of what is going on...).
    For some reason Ch3vr0n forgot to ask you right away.

    Especially VLC would at least mention something helpful in its log window.

    The disc was pressed shortly after some cavemen discovered the fire, so it's really, really basic, playlist 0 is correct.

    Try CloneBD for playback, what happens there?
  8. thefrog

    thefrog Active Member

    Here is the logs from the ISO play attempt. The structure of the ISO must be valid enough to give a track listing and to have the player attempt to play. I have a set of logs from kodi (i trimmed them to the ISO interaction).

    I will attempt to get logs from VLC and to use CloneBD.

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  9. thefrog

    thefrog Active Member

    I have installed CloneBD. I have attached the error log. I have verified that the disk 'plays' on a PS3 (out of concern that it was poorly mastered) -- I did not watch it the entire way through.

    There are no read errors from the media while ripping.

    I have set AnyDVD HD settings to 'default' for BluRay and ripped an encrypted copy and am ripping another unencrypted copy now.

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  10. thetoad

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    as a total aside, me and OP aren't related. :-o
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    the amphibian cabal...
  12. thefrog

    thefrog Active Member

    I have encrypted and unencrypted ISOs of the BD. I'm uncertain what use they would could be for debugging or by which method I can provide two ~42GB files.

    Also, I did a shutdown and cold boot and tested with CloneBD again (with the same result).
    I then did another CloneBD run on a known-good (works for me and VLC) ISO file and got the same result. -- So the CloneBD error from earlier was likely (certainly?) invalid.

    I will try the CloneBD again on a different machine with a Win10 OS (instead of the WinXP OS that is on AnyDVD HD machine)
  13. thefrog

    thefrog Active Member

    I think I have this completely figured out.
    1/ 1/18: Copied BR, transferred to NAS. 'LUCKY_NO_SLEVIN.iso' (MD5 Sum matches neither Encrypted nor Unencrypted)
    This BR ISO is corrupt. Doesn't work on any player.
    1/ 8/18: Re-Ripped BR new file lacked ISO extension (but MD5 Sum matches Unencrypted)
    Expected that the new rip would overwrite the LUCKY_NO_SLEVIN.iso file, but it did not.. created LUCKY_NO_SLEVIN file.
    1/ 8/18: Transferred same ISO file from 1/1/18 to NAS
    Obviously doesn't work any better than original (since it is the original corrupt file)

    Awaiting transfer of the newly ripped pair of files to verify. (Will change title of thread to add solved' when it likely works)
  14. thefrog

    thefrog Active Member

    Unencrypted ISO plays fine. Recap: Re-Rip never actually got transferred to NAS, so it looked like multiple rips produced non-working ISO when actually, the first corrupt ISO was copied multiple time to NAS.

    MD5 Sum's used to determine true identity of file. CloneBD used to test ISO file consistency -- confirmed with Kodi player.

    [EDIT: Thanks for the help. Sometimes you need to be foolish in public before your mistake becomes obvious]
  15. thefrog

    thefrog Active Member

    Somewhat related: Olive Signature's "The Quiet Man" rips fine after the reboot -- so that is good news.

    The BD is also a huge improvement over my old DVD copy -- I'm not qualified to review a blu ray, but it looks amazing to me.
  16. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    The current version of CloneBD doesn't work well with XP 32bit, that is supposed to get fixed soon.

    I'd be curious to see what your results are on Win10.
  17. thefrog

    thefrog Active Member

    Pete: CloneBD reported on Win10 that the broken ISO was 'still protected' (it gave a better error message on Win10_64 than WinXP_32). This 'protected' error confused me, so I took an MD5 sum of the ISO that was 'bad' and compared it with the MD5's for the Encrypted and Unencrypted ISO files I had made to maybe send for debugging. The 'broken' ISO didn't match either MD5 ..

    MD5 (LUCKY_NO_SLEVIN.iso) = 17518531514e1d27b03faa126dcf0f02 <== Broken One
    MD5 (LUCKY_NO_SLEVIN_enc.iso) = d77d34d85d40625bdf854a61d66c4e01 <== The Encrypted One
    MD5 (LUCKY_NO_SLEVIN_un.iso) = 37ea637a9365dac8f3187b5856f39fe0 <== The Unencrypted One

    I had never used CloneBD before, and the little ripping box doesn't really have the power to do transcoding. I just rip and use FTP to transfer the files to the NAS (FTP is very much faster than SMB on the ripping station)

    I imagine I'll have to get a License for a newer windows OS soon -- it is becoming difficult to use XP -- finding old versions that still work on it and such.
  18. theosch

    theosch Well-Known Member


    Just for information/clue:

    When you create multiple isos from the same disc with same AnyDVD settings, but with different AnyDVD versions, the file iso md5-checksum won't match, at least for (decrypted/(unprotected) isos)

    AnyDVD adds a disc.inf in the root directory of the Blu-ray disc structure. When you use different AnyDVD versions the "disc.inf" of each iso is different.
    The difference is only in the disc.inf (with which each (different) AnyDVD version number each iso from same disc was ripped)

    To find out, you can mount the iso and run a file compare check over whole iso structures, just to make sure, if only the disc.inf varies.
  19. thefrog

    thefrog Active Member


    Well, that leaves me confused. I have problems with a disc now and again that the ISO doesn't work well. I suspect that if they work on CloneBD, then they are 'acceptable'. I have cleaned up the 'artifacts' of this process with Slevin. I still have the Encrypted and Decrypted ISOs, but I don't have the first and subsequent rips available for debugging. Slevin is an old BD, so I've no idea what the problem was or why it changed and became not a problem.

    Some commercial BDs seem to be badly (poorly?) authored. I really do not like to break my ISOs down into MKVs or another container. I like all the original stuff intact, but 1-2% of BDs or DVDs just don't work as an ISO reliably.

    PAL DVD's often will work on VLC on a computer, but not work on an Android/FireTV running Kodi.
    When the original FireTV wouldn't play VC1, I would re-author the BD to re-encode the titles in the ISO container to AVC.
    I may setup to do this with some cranky ISOs, but I'm not sure why I get different results when doing the same thing.
    Probable Causes:
    • forgot to reboot after an AnyDVD HD update
    • Drive 'burped' somehow (it is external USB, so it can happen -- i think)
    • USB stack got strange (While it wouldn't rip Slevin, it wouldn't even _read_ the new "The Quiet Man", after cold reboot and Slevin worked, The Quiet Man also worked)
    • Ripped it 'encrypted' the first time, Ripped it unencrypted but due to name change it never made it to NAS until troubleshooting session (most likely answer)
      • maybe version update occurred between initial rip and later, troubleshooting rip-set.
    I keep a minimal WinXP installed.. almost no software except:
    • Older, Compatible Firefox
    • Older, Compatible FileZilla
    • AnyDVD HD
    • Virtual CloneDrive
    • VNC (cuz it's headless)
    • CloneBD (for troubleshooting)
    • VLC (for troubleshooting)
    • Handbrake (for troubleshooting)
    I've transcoded a few things to MKV, but I have a difficult time being happy with the result.
  20. theosch

    theosch Well-Known Member

    This ISO you said was "broken" =>"MD5 (LUCKY_NO_SLEVIN.iso) = 17518531514e1d27b03faa126dcf0f02 <== Broken One"
    Did you make this with a different AnyDVD version than those below ?

    =>MD5 (LUCKY_NO_SLEVIN_enc.iso) = d77d34d85d40625bdf854a61d66c4e01 <== The Encrypted One
    =>MD5 (LUCKY_NO_SLEVIN_un.iso) = 37ea637a9365dac8f3187b5856f39fe0 <== The Unencrypted One
    Could you mount This ISO you said was "broken" =>"MD5 (LUCKY_NO_SLEVIN.iso) = 17518531514e1d27b03faa126dcf0f02 <== Broken One" in a virtual drive ?
    First, check if there is a disc.inf file in the root directory.
    If yes
    , please open the text-readable file "disc.inf" in editor/notepad.
    Check AnyDVD version number on the top:

    Example disc.inf: content (just for unencrypted isos):

    version=AnyDVD HD (BDPHash.bin 14-11-27)

    Please do the same with MD5 (LUCKY_NO_SLEVIN_un.iso) = 37ea637a9365dac8f3187b5856f39fe0 <== The Unencrypted One:
    Mount it in virtual drive, too.
    Check disc.inf file if there is a different AnyDVD version reported.

    If a different AnyDVD version reported, under condition there is a disc.inf, too in (LUCKY_NO_SLEVIN.iso) = 17518531514e1d27b03faa126dcf0f02 <== Broken One"
    Then you know why md5sum checksum is different.
    (This won't help you playpack issues though).
    It might be that it isn't broken, just different md5 checksum because of small differing text within disc.inf from ripping with different AnyDVD version.
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