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Low volume on Sony PSP


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Jan 29, 2007
Any time I convert a DVD to format for Sony PSP, the volume is not quite high enough even at max volume in playback. The UMD discs made for the PSP are much louder and comfortable to listen to at about half volume.

Other conversion software gives similar results, not just Slysoft.

Are other people having this same problem? Is there anyway to adjust this in the conversion?
edit the devices.ini folder in clondvdmobile, make the volume value larger.
Thanks! It worked great. I changed the value of volume from 400 (default) to 700 and the loudness just right.
.ini folder

This is the answer that customer support gave me about the low volume on the PSP. I haven't had a chance to try it, but the settings were pretty easy to find.



You could take a look into the devices.ini. There the output profiles
are stored. It is located in the CloneDVD mobile program folder. There
you can adjust all settings as you like it. The volume for example. We suggest to make a backup
copy of the file before you start to make changes.

Best regards,

John Smith
Customer Support