Lots of pixellation on Nokia N95 with divx since

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by volatile compound, May 15, 2008.

  1. volatile compound

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    Hi I've been a happy CloneDVDMobile user for a while using the generic Divx profile. Using the Divxplayer on the Nokia N95 it did played perfectly.

    I did another batch of videos this week but now they are heavily pixellated/blocky on the N95. Unwatchable. This was with version and

    I'm guessing that I updated to between the videos that were perfect and those that are useless. Is there anyway to go back to an earlier version? Or is this known and about to be fixed :)

    All videos play ok on the PC with Winamp and the mp4 profile works fine on the Nokia N95 with RealPlayer. But I like Divxplayer on the N95 because it can rotate left (puts headphone socket on top) and allows resume and seek.
  2. volatile compound

    volatile compound New Member

    I guess no one else has seen this problem. I have contact SlySoft. I will post any useful response.